NZPPA On Demand Payroll Webinars

NZPPA On Demand webinars cover a range of need to know payroll topics along with special one-off titles. Each webinar comes with a set of downloadable notes and from when first accessed you can view it as many times (within a 24-hour period).

IMPORTANT: To view any NZPPA webinar please ensure you can download Zoom or register for Zoom. NZPPA will not provide a refund for any issues in not being able to view a webinar once accessed. To download or register for FREE click here


If you want to book additional attendees, please email: [email protected]

Current On Demand Webinars:

On Demand webinar titles: Brief description of webinar content: To find out more or to book click on the link:
Payroll practitioners and anyone needing to understand what 1st April 2021 changes are happening and will impact on payroll. Click here
HOLIDAY ACT 101 The Holidays Act 2003 will be with us until at least 2023. It is an act that must be understood as the risk to the business of getting it wrong is substantial. Click here
ONDEMAND HOLIDAYS ACT WEBINARS 3-PACK In this OnDemand Holidays Act webinar 3 pack series attendees will be able to access webinars (over 6 hours) covering the full range of topics for the Holidays Act 2003. Click Here


More titles coming shortly…

If you would like a specific payroll topic made available as an On Demand webinar please email: [email protected]

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