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NZPPA On Demand webinars cover a range of need-to-know payroll topics along with special one-off titles. Each webinar comes with a set of downloadable notes and from when first accessed you can view it as many times (within a 24-hour period).

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Current On-Demand Webinars:

On-Demand webinar titles: Brief description of webinar content: To find out more or to book click on the link:
HOLIDAY ACT 101 The Holidays Act 2003 will be with us until at least 2023. It is an act that must be understood as the risk to the business of getting it wrong is substantial. Click here
HOLIDAY ACT 102 In this second special webinar on the Holidays Act 2003 a range of advanced Holidays Act topics will be covered. Click here
HOLIDAY ACT 103 In this special webinar, the end-to-end process of remediation will be covered by the Holidays Act.  This would suit a payroll practitioner wanting to understand the process so they can undertake an internal remediation or when using an external party. Click Here
Other types of leave Employees in New Zealand get access to a wide range of leave options some as a right by law and some by agreement. For payroll, it is important to understand the difference between the two what is the criteria to get them and what is paid or not paid when taken along with any common issues for payroll with these leave types. Click here
Tax for Payroll 101 Deducting tax from an employee’s wage or salary is the fundamental activity in any payroll.  This webinar will cover the basics of calculating tax for a range of deductions for anyone involved in payroll from a new employee starter through to their termination. Click here
Tax for Payroll 102 In this second topic on tax for payroll, a range of more advanced topics will be covered that the payroll practitioner may not action on a regular basis in their payroll but still needs to have an understanding of when they do come up. Click here
Termination Pay 2022 Employees leave their employment for a range of reasons some they choose and at other times the business does (after following the process).  For payroll, a termination is an essential payroll activity to get right as it can cause immediate an ongoing issues if not processed and managed correctly. Click here
Christmas Pays 2023 all aspects of paying employees over the Christmas period will be covered for payroll. From how and when public holidays can be transferred to another day, to what is a closedown and the rules around them, what happens when annual holidays are taken when other leave situations occur and how all of these situations are calculated to meet Holidays Act requirements. Click here
New Payroll Selection The key to payroll selection is to spend time identifying what the business needs from their payroll and then select the payroll that will meet those needs.  This webinar will cover a wide range of topics that must be taken into account when looking for a new payroll system. Click here
ONDEMAND HOLIDAYS ACT WEBINARS 3-PACK In this OnDemand Holidays Act, webinar 3 pack series attendees will be able to access webinars (over 6 hours) covering the full range of topics for the Holidays Act 2003. Click here

(3 hours)

This half-day special event should be seen as an essential professional development step for your new payroll practitioners. Six 30-minute topics are covered by three different instructors, covering:

  1. The 5 essential activities a payroller must do to keep payroll compliant, correct and employees paid on time.
  2. Introduction to calculating PAYE, tax codes, earner levy and the requirements to be met by the employee for an ir330.
  3. KiwiSaver fundamentals eligibility, opting in, opting out, contribution rates.
  4. What deductions can be made from an employee’s pay?
  5. Main employee leave types and calculations (Holidays Act and Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act).
  6. Essential payroll record-keeping, reporting and privacy requirements
Click here
Employment Law 101 The Employment Relations Act is a cornerstone act in regard to the employment relations framework.  There are numerous sections of the act that impact in some way what is done in payroll.  For payroll, it is important to understand how and why these sections could impact their payroll and how they need to be applied. Click here
Parental Leave 101 The Parental Leave Act has a range of leave types to support an employee taking leave as part of their parental responsibilities.

Payroll needs to understand the differences and rules between each leave type, the criteria that the employee has to meet to get how parental leave is earned and its effect on leave provided under the Holidays Act.

Click here
PAYROLL – SECURITY, ESSENTIAL CHECKS AND OPERATIONAL AUDITS This webinar covers the importance of ensuring there are checks in place throughout our payroll processes to mitigate risk for the company. We analyse our Security, System, Payroll Processing and Audits in this dynamic 3-hour webinar, and learners will come away with extra knowledge about what checks we should have in place, when and how to carry them out, and why we should ensure these take place. Click here
CONVERTING HOLIDAYS ACT ENTITLEMENT AND ACCRUAL TO OTHER TIME MEASUREMENTS The Holidays Act is a nightmare for payroll with the act focusing on weeks for annual holidays and days for FBAPS leave but payroll systems on the whole are still in hours and/or days.  Another factor that impacts this is employment agreements that often state leave provided in hours, days or weeks in direct conflict with what the payroll system used in the business actually can do and in relation to what the act requires. Click here
NZPPA Special Webinar: Escaping from the Holidays Act Nightmare (the event was held on the 30 Sept 2022) (3 hours) The Holidays Act 2003 must be checked to ensure compliance this event covers all the important areas to look at. Click here
EMPLOYEE WORK SCHEDULES (ROSTERS AND SHIFT WORK) AND THEIR IMPACT ON PAYROLL How work rosters and shift work can impact payroll and what payroll needs to be considered. Click here


More titles are coming shortly…

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