NZPPA On Demand Payroll Webinars

The ongoing demands of payroll can sometimes mean payroll professionals cannot leave payroll to attend training or there are specific topics that only need to be covered. For this reason, NZPPA is in process of developing a large library of on demand payroll and payroll related topics that NZPPA members will be able to access for FREE and non-members can book and pay for.

Webinars will be from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes in duration depending on the type of topic. For non-members you will be able to purchase a related group of webinars as a block and will have up to 2 weeks to view them as many times as you wish.

Please note: webinars cannot be downloaded but can be viewed online on any multimedia platform.

Cost of webinar groups:

  • 1 x webinar topic group, $175 + GST
  • 2 x webinar topic groups, $300 + GST
  • 3 x webinar topic groups, $450 + GST
  • 4 x webinar topic groups, $600 + GST
  • For any more than 4 groups please contact NZPPA and we can provide additional discounts.

To book a webinar email: [email protected]

  • In the email, state the webinar group number/s you want to view, your billing details, email and name so login details can be created (for one person) and when you would like to start.

Holidays Act 2003 (to be released in 4 Oct 2019)

Webinar Group Webinar group topics
    • Holidays Act 2003 overview on what leave types are included under the act.
    • Defining payments and assigning them to the correct gross earnings period.
    • What is included in gross earnings?
    • Defining Discretionary Payments.
  • How to define an “otherwise working day”.
  • What is needed in an employees employment agreement to aid in calculating leave correctly.
  • How is annual holiday entitlement earned and what is counted as continuous employment.
  • Getting employees to take annual holidays.
  • The calculations used to calculate annual leave entitlement and accrual (8%).
  • Applying annual leave calculations when an employee takes annual holidays or “Pay as you go”.
  • Calculating annual leave on termination.
  • When annual holidays must be paid and paying out 8% “Pay and you go”.
  • Paying out annual holiday entitlement.
  • How to action an annual closedown.
  • Calculating RDP and ADP for Bereavement, Domestic Violence, Alternative, Public and Sick leave.
  • Rules for public holidays.
  • Rules for alternative holidays.
  • Rules for sick leave.
  • Rules for bereavement holidays.
  • Rules for domestic violence leave.
4 FREE module when any of the other groups are purchased:

  • Record keeping requirements for the Holidays Act

Topics coming…

  • Wages Protection Act
  • Minimum Wage Act
  • Privacy Act in relation to Payroll
  • Other types of leave not covered by the Holidays Act
  • Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act
  • Income Tax Act in relation to Payroll

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