Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Presently the scheme is not taking on any new placements, we will post a notice once this changes.

NZPPA Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme

  • Build a challenging and rewarding career in payroll
  • Manage one of the largest costs a business has while ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time
  • Develop skills that are transferable to any business that employs staff

An NZPPA payroll apprenticeship will set you up with a solid professional career for life that can take you anywhere within the payroll industry across the full spectrum of businesses.  However, the best thing is in the short term, you get to EARN AS YOU LEARN.

You get to earn a good wage while you learn the skills you need to advance in your chosen trade.

  • No student debt
  • Industry-recognised and useful qualifications
  • Skills that make you highly employable

NZPPA Certification is a payroll industry initiative about developing and supporting apprentices who will become future payroll professionals.

Two Apprenticeship Pathways

There are two available pathways to becoming an NZPPA apprentice:

  • New to payroll: Apprentice programme from 12 up to 18 months, gaining on completion NZPPA Certified Payroll Practitioner Level 2
  • Returning to payroll: Up to six months of upskilling to achieve the NZPPA Certified Payroll Practitioner Level 2

Want to find out more about what payroll practitioners do and earn?

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