Becoming a Payroll Apprenticeship Host

There is a real shortage of experienced payroll practitioners in New Zealand.  So, we are looking for hosts to help us develop the next generation of payroll practitioners.

This new payroll industry initiative has never been done before, so it may change as we learn more.  NZPPA wants to work with hosts on making this a successful pathway in developing payroll as a profession in New Zealand.

Why should an employer become a payroll apprenticeship host?

Our apprenticeship scheme is about partnering with organisations willing to provide a placement to host and develop our future payroll professionals.  Your payroll team and business can see this as taking on the role of being a learning organisation.

First of all, if you sign up, you are under no obligation to take any payroll apprentices put forward for selection.  NZPPA will also work with hosts to meet any internal requirements that apprentice applicants must have or meet to be employed by the host.

What does being a host mean?

As a host, we are asking for a commitment that you define one position within your payroll team as a payroll apprentice (or more if you can, but NZPPA suggests starting with one and running it as a trial and reviewing the results).

The apprentice is an entry-level position that the business is willing to support and understand that it is a position that fits with the needs of the payroll team (what the role at this level does within the payroll team with what level of understanding).

Or we have another option of a payroll apprentice with previous experience coming back to payroll.  In this situation, the apprentice may take on a higher-level role but will still be defined as an apprentice as they are upskilled (shorter apprentice timeframe as well).

The host understands this won’t be a position that an employee will hold ongoing, but they will use it to develop payroll skills and knowledge.  So, the apprentice will move on at some future point.

At the same time, if the host wants to offer the payroll apprentice another role in their payroll team (at any time), the programme is also designed for that option.

Timeframe for the apprentice?

There are two types of payrolls apprentices in our programme:

  • New to payroll: Apprentice programme from 12 up to 18 months, gaining on completion NZPPA Certified Payroll Practitioner Level 2
  • Returning to payroll: Up to six months upskilling to achieve the NZPPA Certified Payroll Practitioner Level 2

Are they your employee?

Yes.  NZPPA will create a pool of potential apprentice applicants that the host can select or promote an applicant they want to support as an apprentice.

The apprentice placement in your payroll team would be as your employee, and NZPPA suggests using a fixed-term agreement.  What they are paid fits your remuneration framework (NZPPA will not be involved as long as it meets the minimum wage).

What support will NZPPA provide to the host?

  • We offer a pool of potential payroll apprentice applicants that have been assessed (see NZPPA Apprentice Scheme Programme page).
  • NZPPA will provide a mentor for your apprentice (that will check in throughout the apprenticeship programme).
  • NZPPA will provide NZPPA training at 25% of the normal course cost for any courses you send the payroll apprentice on.
  • NZPPA will provide NZPPA Certification for NZPPA Payroll Technician Certification (Level 1) and NZPPA Payroll Practitioner Certification (Level 2) for FREE for the payroll apprentice.

What NZPPA will provide to the payroll apprentice:

  • FREE payroll Practice Guide (updated and published annually), a 500+ page payroll resource.
  • FREE student access to the NZPPA member portal to access payroll and online resources.
  • FREE access to the PayTech AdviceLine to ask any payroll-related questions.
  • NZPPA mentor (will check in throughout the apprenticeship programme).

Where to start?

Just email us, and we can start a discussion.  NZPPA wants to make this work for the payroll apprentice and the host.

Please email David Jenkins, NZPPA CEO: [email protected]