Overview of Certification

NZPPA Certification – Become a NZPPA certified payroll professional!

Overview of certification

Since 2007 NZPPA has been building payroll as a profession in New Zealand.

Payroll manages one of the largest costs a business has (labour cost), it is also a business-critical activity (paying employees on time and correctly) along with substantial risk to the business if payroll is processed incorrectly. Payroll involves a range of disciplines including employment law, accounting, and information technology, along with interacting with all levels present in the business and with a range of external government agencies.

The work of payroll practitioners, in general, has not been recognised by employers (including how they are remunerated) until recently, and now employers, external agencies, and the payroll industry want more accountability placed on the payroll and the employees running the payroll function to ensure compliance with law uses payroll best practice and ensures payroll is cost-effective for the business.

An employer must know and feel confident in their payroll practitioner!

To ensure employers know and feel confident that their payroll professional has the skills, knowledge, and understanding of payroll for their type of business environment at the level required NZPPA in conjunction with a range of payroll industry leaders has established NZPPA certification.

NZPPA Certification is based on the NZPPA Payroll Skills Matrix which provides a comprehensive set of payroll skills that are required for the different payroll positions to meet the outcomes required for that payroll environment.

Certification will give confidence to employers in their certified payroll staff and to any payroll practitioner that undertakes the process they will have evidence of their current professional skill assessed by the payroll industry. In the future, we see employers seeking certified payroll practitioners as their employees of choice over non-certified applicants for payroll positions.

Build your payroll career with certification!

Another benefit of certification levels will be in aiding in the career development and professional development of payroll practitioners as NZPPA sees payroll as a full, rewarding, and challenging career in its own right not a subset of HR or Finance. By having a range of progressive certification levels this fits with the career movement that many payroll practitioners would have in their professional payroll career.

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