Time off in lieu (TOIL) has nothing to do with the Holidays Act 2003. If provided it is an agreed term between the employer and employee. The whole point of TOIL is not to pay for additional hours worked. This is not about overtime as overtime is an agreed term and is about being paid […]

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Now before 10,000 Australians abuse me, I am stating that I hate long service leave (LSL) because it is not a leave entitlement provided in New Zealand legislation. However, it’s relatively common to see LSL as an additional leave entitlement provided to the employee in older businesses, as well as larger ones or those that […]

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Women’s financial positions are improving slowly but there are still major hurdles when it comes to pay, penalties for becoming a mother and a growing retirement savings gap. There remains a 9.2 per cent gap between the median pay of men and women but it has fallen from 16.3 per cent in 1998. Gail Pacheco, […]

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Novopay in the news again!

New Zealand’s worst payroll disaster Novopay is back in the news this time for making substantial overpayments that have been putting teachers into debt. This is on top of major issues with the Holidays Act still not resolved.  The ongoing issues with Novopay is what happens when non-payroll people are involved in payroll selection and […]

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Revealed: The New Zealand employers caught exploiting workers

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has named and shamed them its latest published stand down list. The list comes after a crackdown on employers who breach immigration and employment law, and it includes some of New Zealand’s best-known companies. Fast food restaurants have a reputation for low pay, but several managed to […]

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Gender Pay Gap Narrows

New Zealand’s gender pay gap is closing, according to figures from Statistics NZ. The gender pay gap was sitting at 9.2 per cent in the June quarter of this year — the second-smallest gap recorded in around 20 years. In 2012 the gender pay gap sat at 9.1 per cent, the lowest recorded, and last […]

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