Code of Professional Conduct


The New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association’s Code of Professional Conduct provides principles by which Members will conduct themselves.

The Code of Professional Conduct provides minimum standards of professional behaviour for Association Members. They apply to all Members of the Association.


  • Members shall carry out their duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with this Code and will strive to enhance the image of the Association and its Members.
  • A Member shall comply with the Code of Professional Conduct of the Association as amended from time to time.
  • Members shall act in the interest of employees, employers and interested third parties, and shall be prepared to sacrifice their self-interest to do so.
  • Members shall maintain self-development and strive to keep abreast of changes and developments relevant to the profession and also accept responsibility for assisting others to develop in the profession.
  • Members shall avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Members shall refrain from discriminating between individuals solely on the grounds of sex, race, status, age or beliefs, and respect the dignity and privacy of the individual.
  • Members shall pay proper regard to the health, safety and well-being of the personnel within their responsibility.
  • A Member shall not make public statements or comments which may be interpreted as representing the Association or its views, except when authorised to act as an “official spokesperson” for the Association.
  • Members shall employ their technical expertise with due professional care and judgment.
  • Members have a fundamental responsibility to act with trustworthiness, integrity and objectivity. This responsibility extends to all Members of the Association.

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