OnDemand Holidays Act Webinars 3-Pack

In this OnDemand Holidays Act webinar 3 pack series attendees will be able to access webinars (over 6 hours) covering the full range of topics for the Holidays Act 2003.

Attendees will also get access to a PDF copy of the manual for each webinar providing a wealth of information for anyone running payroll needing to understand the current Holidays Act from a basic to advance level.

Holidays Act 101 webinar content:

  • Determining gross earnings
  • What payments are included/excluded from gross earnings holiday pay calculations.
  • Determining a week for annual holidays
  • What is counted as continuous employment?
  • Issues with unpaid leave and what needs to be done for payroll
  • Calculating annual holidays AWE/OWP and 8% (pay as you go).
  • Applying annual leave calculations when employee take holidays at different times
  • Rules around close-down periods
  • Cashing up annual holidays
  • Calculating Relevant Daily Pay & Average Daily Pay for sick, bereavement, alternative, family violence, public holidays.
  • Determining an otherwise working day
  • Rules for: Public, Sick, Bereavement, Alternative and family violence Leave
  • Record Keeping and enforcement

Holidays Act 102 webinar content:

  • Defining payments to be included in different periods of gross earnings including the day, week and 52 weeks.
  • Criteria for what is and what is not a discretionary payment
  • Changing the working week (by agreement) and the impact on annual holiday entitlement
  • Converting hours, days, and weeks when the entitlement week changes by agreement
  • Calculating leave in hours, days and weeks to still ensure compliance
  • Understanding the divisor for different leave calculations
  • Determining an otherwise working day when the employee works a variable work pattern (rotating roster)
  • Creating spot checks for Holidays Act compliance
  • Transferring public holiday’s part or whole & PHs that transfer to another day (extended examples).
  • What employment agreement clauses are needed to support Holidays Act compliance and payroll best practice
  • Total remuneration and how treated when calculating leave

Holidays Act 103 webinar content:

  • Identifying your payroll issues with the Holidays Act:
    • Payment types (how payments have been assigned or not to gross earnings and the different calculations required under the act).
    • Issues with how calculations were run in the payroll system and different between what was done and what was required under the act.
    • Issues with defining a week (for different work patterns).
  • Identifying what employee types have been effected by Holidays Act issues.
  • Are the issues from configuration or base system issues.
  • Making the decision to do remediation in house or using an external party.
  • When to talk to your payroll system provider or outsourced payroll service provider.
  • Accessing and formatting data for assessment.
  • Creating an assessment model for different employee types.
  • When to inform employees and other parties.
  • Managing employee, Union and MBIE action.
  • What obligations do you have to notify past employees?
  • Managing payment of underpayments and how taxed.

3 pack OnDemand webinar cost:

  • NZPPA member: $315 + GST
  • NZPPA non-member: $415 + GST
Member Price: NZ$315.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$415.00 + GST

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