NZPPA Payroll Consulting Services

Through NZPPA’s network, we have access to a wide range of payroll SMEs that can help with any type of payroll issue. Consultants work under the NZPPA banner and are responsible to NZPPA in regard to outcomes for any consulting work undertaken.  NZPPA stands by any consulting services provided and that will be part of any agreement on consulting work to be undertaken.

Please note:  NZPPA does not sell or promote any payroll provider’s software or service, we are neutral.  So NZPPA does not have a preferred software solution that we try to push.  NZPPA focuses on the best system/service – best-fit approach (focusing on compliance).

There are three main consulting areas that NZPPA supports:

  1. Payroll process review (end-to-end payroll process)
  2. Payroll selection (business requirements and selection matrix) *
  3. Payroll Implementation (working on the business side to ensure payroll software meets business requirements and compliance with legislation)

*NZPPA will not be involved in any decision-making on the selection of a payroll system or service)

1. Payroll Process Review

How payroll is run needs to be assessed to ensure it meets business and compliance needs, minimises or eliminates risk, identifies cost and time savings, and evaluates payroll staff on what skills they have or need to make payroll successful.

NZPPA provides:

  • End-to-End Payroll Process Review
  • Review a specific part of the payroll process
  • Provide an annual health check or pulse checks (to find out more click here)

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2. Payroll Selection

One of the biggest issues for a business is getting the right payroll system or payroll service (outsourced) for their needs.  NZPPA will help support a business to select the “best system/service – best fit” focusing on compliance.

NZPPA provides:

  • Development of a business requirements document for the business so they are clear on what they want and need from payroll so they can go to market to ensure only systems or services that meet their business needs are considered.
  • Create a selection matrix that will help in the shortlisting of payroll providers for the business to make decisions on as a new provider.
  • Act as a payroll SME for the business on payroll technical questions and confirming payroll provider statements during selection (especially on legislative compliance).

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3. Payroll Implementation

NZPPA will support the business in the implementation of a new payroll system or service ensuring the business gets a fully compliant system that meets the business payroll needs identified:

  • Provide payroll project management services to manage the project (business side).
  • Assess payroll configuration to meet business requirements (agreed terms) and legislative requirements are correct.
  • Provide payroll testing: functional, process and scenarios to ensure payroll software fully meets payroll processing and legislative requirements.

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