NZPPA Award process & how to Nominate

How to apply or nominate for this year’s awards

Who can enter?

  • Any person involved in NZ payroll based in NZ is eligible to enter, whether they are a member of the NZPPA or not.

How to enter?

Payroll Leader, Practitioner and Payroll Team Awards:

  • To apply for Payroll Leader, Practitioner, or Payroll Team of the Year awards applicants must provide the following:
  • Clearly state what award you are applying for (payroll leader, practitioner, or team).
  • State in detail (at least) three examples of how exceptional work in payroll has been achieved, and how it has impacted payroll, the business, or employees.
  • The immediate manager of the payroll leader, practitioner, or team must endorse the award application.
  • Include a photo of the individual leader, practitioner, or team (to be used on the NZPPA website and in ePayroll).
  • Send your application via email to: [email protected]

Judging process and confidentiality

Who are the judges?

Each award is judged by three judges who are NZPPA-certified payroll professionals (from any of the five certification levels). Judges cannot be involved in a panel if they have made an application for the specific award.

*NZPPA employees are excluded from the judging panels and the decision-making process.

What are the judges looking for?

The judges are seeking to recognise the exceptional contribution of a payroll leader, individual, team or payroll provider that has demonstrated great execution of good business ideas and practices, while having developed and remained focused on their future direction.

Entry confidentiality

  • For the awards process to be effective, there must be unquestionable fairness and objectivity for all concerned.
  • All award applications are treated as confidential by the organising team and judges.
  • The awards management process is comprised of employees of the NZPPA, who are impartial and are not involved in the selection of award winners.
  • Judges will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest and if necessary alternative judging arrangements will be made.
  • Each judge has volunteered their time without compensation and is committed to assisting with the success of the awards.
  • Judging decisions remain confidential to judges and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the awards.
  • A NZPPA judging panel will assess all applications made.