What’s in the NZPPA Member Portal

As a NZPPA member, you get login access to a wealth of payroll information and support through the NZPPA Members Portal

The portal has eight support areas:

NZPPA PAYROLL LEGISLATIVE & BEST PRACTICE GUIDES NZPPA is developing a range of legislative & best practice guides for payroll.
NZPPA PAYROLL PRACTICE GUIDE (ONLINE) NZPPA’s annually updated 500+ reference guide (online version).
PAYTECH Q&A A resource of Q&A questions made to the PayTech AdviceLine so you can research and answer your own payroll questions, anytime.
MEMBER RESOURCES Information on new legislation, reviews and additional payroll resources.
MEMBER WEBINARS & UPDATES Access Payroll 101’s OnDemand webinars, and a range of NZPPA events all for FREE as a member.
NZPPA PAYROLL REFERENCE ARTICLES A resource of over 100 payroll technical articles is being added constantly.
PAYTECH SUPPORT Access to the PayTech AdviceLine to ask any payroll-related related.
PAYROLL FORMS A resource of downloadable payroll templates.

Special Member benefit

Payroll 101’s OnDemand FREE webinars (over 6 hours of online training) and every month members get access to special topic webinars for the OnDemand webinar library.