Just to help you select the right payroll course for your needs here is a basic guide. All courses are facilitated by a payroll SME who can answer your questions.

Course Level No. Days In-person Virtual (online) eLearning Perquisites
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Foundation Skills 1 2 Y Y Y Open
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Law 2 2 Y Y Y Open
NZPPA Certificate in HR and Finance Fundamentals for Payroll Practitioners (NOT AVAILABLE PRESENTLY) 3 2 NA NA NA Open
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Termination Essentials 4 1 Y Y Y Level 2 or *RPE
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Calculations 5 2 Y Y Y Level 2 or *RPE
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Masterclass Workshop 6 2 Y Y N Level 4 or *RPE
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Calculations [+] 7 1 Y N Y Level 5 or *RPE
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Compliance Audit Workshop 8 2 Y N N Level 6 or *RPE

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