Just to help you select the right payroll course for your needs here is a basic guide. All courses are facilitated by a payroll SME that can answer your questions.

NZPPA course name: Level Who is it for?
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Foundation Skills 1 Will be moving into payroll shortly, new to payroll (3 mths or less)
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Law 2 3 mths or more, or use course as a refresher (Intermediate level payroll practitioner)
NZPPA Certificate in HR and Finance Fundamentals for Payroll Practitioners (NEW available from June 2021) 3 How payroll interacts with Finance and HR (6mths or more) part of professional development
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Operational Practice (New available from June 2021) 4 Operational practice of payroll – end to end processing Intermediate level (Senior as a refresher)
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Calculations 5 Intermediate level wanting understand more about how calculations, senior refresher or specialist
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Masterclass Workshop 6 Intermediate to Senior level practitioners that want to cover full spectrum of legislation (prep course for certification), 1-hour assessment at end of second day
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Calculations [+] 7 Senior practitioner or specialist
NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Compliance Audit Workshop 8 Senior payroll practitioner or specialist

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