Just to help you select the right payroll course for your needs here is a basic guide. All courses are provided by a payroll SME that can answer your questions.

NZPPA course name: Level Who is it for?
Payroll Foundation Skills 1 People new to payroll, thinking about starting in payroll or have been in the role for less than 6 months.
Payroll Law 2 People that have been in payroll and need to understand the legislation that impacts on what they do, always good as a refresher for experienced payroll practitioners.
Payroll Calculations (workshop and condensed) 3 This course is for a payroll practitioner that needs to understand how payroll calculations need to be done based on what legislation requires so this can be confirmed and checked against what the payroll system is doing.
Payroll Calculations + 4 Not available presently but includes more advanced calculations for a very experienced payroll practitioner.
Payroll Masterclass Workshop 5 This is the preparation course for NZPPA Certification it is an assessed course with an hour-long practice assessment. It is based on the NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide.
Payroll Compliance Audit & Employment Agreement Terms Workshop 6 This is for a payroll practitioner that is involved in the configuration and compliance of their payroll system and they need to understand what to look for and how it all links together.

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