2010 NZPPA National Payroll Week (NPW)

The second annual NZPPA National Payroll Week (NPW) is being held on the 6 Dec – 10 Dec 2010.

What is the NZPPA National Payroll Week?

National payroll week is for the purpose of raising awareness of the important role payroll plays in the everyday lives of the NZ workforce, business and the wider community.

Payroll is one of the most highly regulated operations of any business. Compliance with a complex legislation, terms and conditions of employment and business policy is critical in payrolls success.

Payroll is an extremely important component of every worker’s life. Yet the processing of this crucial transaction is something many employers and workers take for granted.

Despite these challenges, payroll professionals calculate each pay accurately and on time, every time. For this, we salute all payroll professionals during National Payroll Week.

National Payroll Week will become an annual event for NZPPA because if links with one of the fundamentals aims of NZPPA the “recognition of payroll professionals“.

Download the NZPPA Payroll Week Poster here.

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The Myths of Payroll

To raise awareness we need to dispel the myths associated with payroll, here are just a few.

The Myths of Payroll

“The system does it all” There are automated and manual processes in payroll. No system can run payroll from end to end because payroll covers aspects of finance, employment law and IT. This is why payroll professionals are multi skilled.
“Data entry is all that payroll people do” Data entry can be a big task for payroll professionals if time and attendance is not being used. But understanding what has been entered and why is far more than mere data entry!
“Running a payroll is not rocket science” All systems need to be set up and this is a complex task. You have to understand the system, legislation and the terms and conditions of employment when setting it up for all the different employee types the business has.
“Payroll people have little to do once payroll has been processed” Payroll communicates on the businesses behalf to a range of government departments. Payroll answers numerous staff enquiries from employees and their managers, runs reports, conducts checks, processes paperwork and many other activities. There is no quiet time!
“Payroll can process a pay anytime” Payroll is deadline driven, payments cannot be done anytime. There is also a cost to payroll every time a payment is made. This can be the cost of using an external payroll provider or the actual payroll professionals time away from doing other scheduled payroll activities.

The Problems for Payroll (where the business can help)

“Payroll is the last to know when staff leave” If managers don’t tell payroll that an employee has left the business (terminated) there is no way they can know. There have been horror stories of staff been paid for months after leaving because no one told payroll.

Payroll must be kept in the loop so these mistakes that should not happen wont.

“Payroll decisions are made without knowing what payroll can and cannot do” In any decision to pay an employee payroll should be firstly consulted to ensure that the system can actually do what is wanted and if the payment meets legislative requirements.
“Employee payroll documentation not provided or not completed fully” Payroll has to ensure that documentation that is required by legislation and also to verify that payments have been made or approved (by the employer and employee).


Getting Involved with NPW 2010

For our second year of running NPW we really want to continue on raising the profile of payroll.

The 2010 NZPPA NPW campaign will contain two elements:


NZPPA will print an A3 sized poster for payroll professionals to display in their workplaces to make their employers more aware of the important role that payroll plays.

The posters will be made available in the following ways:

  • Posters sent via post to NZPPA members
  • The ePayroll newsletter will invite all subscribers to download a poster
  • Posters will be sent to all recruitment agencies that list payroll positions
  • Posters will be sent to all payroll providers.
  • Sponsors are also encouraged to distribute the posters to their clients
  • We also will be encouraging journalists to feature payroll articles in the print media.

If you want to be put on the list to get a NZPPA NPW poster (available three weeks prior to the NPW) you can order by contacting: [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If there is another activity or group you can suggest we contact to make the NZPPA NPW a success we want to hear from you. Please contact: [email protected]

Download the NZPPA Payroll Week Poster here.


2010 NZPPA NPW Photo Competition

During the NZPPA NPW, we will be encouraging people to celebrate their profession and spread the word about the important role payroll plays in the organisation.

To encourage people to participate in the NZPPA NPW, we will also be running a competition.

We are asking payroll professionals to take a photo of them celebrating NZPPA NPW with their poster. Everyone who sends in a photo will go into the running to win $500 worth of vouchers of your choice.

After NPW, we will put all photos submitted on the NZPPA website (linked to this page).

*Entries open 1 September 2010.


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