PAYROLL – SECURITY, ESSENTIAL CHECKS AND OPERATIONAL AUDITS was run on the 13th Nov 2022 and this OnDemand recording provides the full 3 hours of stream along with resource materials.

This webinar covers the importance of ensuring there are checks in place throughout our payroll processes to mitigate risk for the company.

We analyse our Security, System, Payroll Processing and Audits in this dynamic 3-hour webinar, and learners will come away with extra knowledge around what checks we should have in place, when and how to carry them out, and why we should ensure these take place.

A comprehensive set of notes, checklists with numerous examples will be provided.



  • Payroll system
  • Payroll staff
  • Record keeping
  • Policy/Process documents

Essential Payroll Checks

  • Payroll Software Updates
  • 1stApril Changes (legislation, new tax year)
  • Payroll Configuration
  • Yearly review
  • Payroll Data
  • Payroll information/data changes
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll Authorisation

Operational Audits

  • Tax Year End checks,
  • Monthly audits,
  • Payroll processing checks

OnDemand Cost:

  • NZPPA member: $125 + GST
  • NZPPA non-member: $145 + GST
Member Price: NZ$125.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$145.00 + GST

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