2nd Annual Payroll Leaders’ Summit 2015

Leading Payroll From Disaster

Payroll is a business critical activity and when any type of disaster happens the business must ensure its staff can have the security of knowing that they will be paid!

Payroll leaders must plan for these events, to ensure their team is trained in what they need to do when any event happens, how this fits in with other business activities and how the team’s safety and wellbeing is also ensured.

Payroll Leader

This is the true test of Payroll Leadership!

New Zealand can at any time be subject to a range of natural disasters from an earthquake, eruption, tsunami and cyclone but there are other types of disaster from acts of terror, global financial crisis, technology shutdown to pandemics all that can impact on a workplace and the work payroll do in trying to pay employees correctly and on time. Planning is the only way to ensure payroll can continue and it is an essential skill for the manager and leader of payroll.

New Zealand has faced a number of potential and serious disasters over the last decades from the threat of Y2K to computer systems, to the global financial crises to the Christchurch Earthquakes. A Payroll Manager cannot hope that a disaster will never happen they must be active in planning for and protecting the payroll system so employees do get paid. That’s why the Payroll Manager must be prepared for and too ready to lead payroll from disaster.

The 2nd Annual Payroll Leaders’ Summit will get the latest information together so payroll leaders can get practical plain language resources that can then be used back in their workplace to develop a plan that suits their business. It is about being prepared and planning for the worst so it can then be overcome as best as possible in times of turmoil and uncertainty.

This event will suit:

  • Existing payroll managers and team leaders.
  • Upcoming or new payroll managers and team leaders.
  • Managers of payroll staff that want to get a better understanding of how to effectively lead payroll staff.

Sponsors of this year’s Leadership Summit

Without sponsors NZPPA could not be able to run the range of events at the subsidised rate for our members, we appreciate the support in development the payroll industry in New Zealand.

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What the 2nd Annual Payroll Leaders’ Summit will cover?

Payroll Leaders’ Summit 2015, conference topics:

  1. Case Study: Running Payroll through the Christchurch Earthquakes and the lessons learnt.
  2. Creating a Business Continuity Plan for Payroll.
  3. The legal requirements and issues of paying staff when a disaster happens.
  4. The psychology of disaster and how to support your payroll team through it.
  5. Special Topic: MBIE’s action to hold Senior Payroll Managers legally responsible for payroll faults.
  6. Case Study: Running an outsourced payroll through a disaster, how they can help and what they need from you?
  7. The development of electronic files and the cloud when physical files are not available.
  8. A to Z of disaster and how it can impact on your business and how Payroll must be prepared for it.
  9. What support can be expected from government departments and agencies during and after a disaster?
  10. What to do in a disaster in the workplace, leading to survive.

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