NZPPA Advertising & Sponsorship

NZPPA does not sell or promote payroll software or services but there are some limited opportunities for providers to be involved in showing their support for the payroll industry to NZPPA members and supporters.

  • NZPPA’s ePayroll newsletter
    An opportunity to sponsor our weekly FREE newsletter that goes out to 4200 subscribers.
  • Payroll Suppliers Directory
    Payroll Providers Directory is an electronic directory of products and services available for those working in payroll.
  • NZPPA Website Revolving Ad
    On the NZPPA main page, we have a revolving ad (3 ads changing every 7 seconds).
  • NZPPA public blog (PayTalk)
    NZPPA main public blog is called “PayTalk” available from the main page on the NZPPA website (general payroll news).
  • NZPPA on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
    NZPPA has established groups in all of the above mediums.

Please Note: Advertising must be approved by NZPPA and must be complimentary to NZPPA activities. NZPPA does not sell or endorse any payroll vendors or service providers.

For more information on advertising opportunities, please contact [email protected]

NZPPA Sponsorship

NZPPA has a range of sponsorship activities to suit organisations. Sponsorship can be by one sponsor or as a group of sponsors. NZPPA generally offers first right of refusal to our existing sponsors who have demonstrated loyalty and support for several years. NZPPA creates new projects from time to time, which will provide additional opportunities to potential sponsors.

Please note: NZPPA cannot endorse or promote any payroll vendors or service providers.

NZPPA Annual Conference & Expo

NZPPA holds a national conference every year – the 2-day national conference is held in Auckland late in the year. We have developed a conference ‘winning formula’ and they’ve been very well supported, with the quality of the conferences has been very high. The typical delegate mix is the full spectrum of payroll practitioners from the private and public sectors of New Zealand’s larger employers, along with overseas payroll practitioners running NZ payroll.

For more information on conference sponsorship, contact [email protected]


There are a limited number of opportunities available for sponsorship and advertising to be placed on some parts of the site. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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