NZPPA People

NZPPA has a small core team of dedicated payroll professionals that support NZPPA activities and its members, all with the aim of developing and gaining recognition for payroll as a recognised profession in New Zealand.

NZPPA has a mix of employees and trusted contractors through its nationwide network of payroll professionals that enables NZPPA to provide payroll resources when needed anywhere at any time.

The Team:

David Jenkins, NZPPA CEO (BBS, BEd, BAppSci, GradDipALT)
David Jenkins formed NZPPA in 2007 when he saw there was no recognition or support for the essential work payroll professionals do every day to pay employees correctly and on time.

With more than twenty-five years of consulting experience at a senior level in New Zealand, Australia, and globally, he specialises in payroll and human resource management, employee relations, personnel learning and development, and information technology (payroll and HRIS).

His career path has involved him in work for some of the largest organisations in a wide range of industries in both New Zealand and Australia.

David loves payroll and payroll people!

With his previous experience — and since NZPPA was established in 2007 — David has been able to be involved with an extensive range of payroll systems in many types of businesses.

Currently, he develops and delivers all NZPPA training, events, payroll auditing, and NZPPA PayTech AdviceLine services (he is a one-stop shop for payroll!).

You are more than welcome to contact David directly at [email protected]

Angela Grylls – NZPPA Certification & Assessment Manager, Payroll Consultant (National Certificate in Adult Education & Training and a PhD in practical payroll experience)
Angela Grylls has a vast amount of payroll expertise behind her and spent nine years working for APN News & Media, a large Trans-Tasman media company, where she held the challenging role of Trans-Tasman Payroll Manager. She also spent a year working for a payroll bureau and completed a number of payroll implementations.

Angela specialises in payroll management, process and best practice reviews, payroll implementations and personnel learning and development.

She has carried out extensive payroll consulting work for companies and has worked in other payroll, accounting and health and safety roles.

Angela is currently the NZPPA Certification & Assessment Manager which involves being the primary online payroll SME tutor and NZPPA assessor for the assessment of NZQA unit standards for all NZPPA certificates, programmes and NZPPA payroll certification.
Angela also acts as editor of the NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide to ensure it is relevant and practical for payroll professionals. Alongside all of the above, Angela works on a range of new developments and NZPPA projects including acting as a payroll auditor.
Angela is passionate about payroll and wants everyone she encounters to be the best payroll practitioner they can be.
You are more than welcome to contact Angela directly at [email protected]

NZPPA Office & Membership Manager (Coming soon)
This new position will hold the NZPPA office together and will be the first point of contact for any general NZPPA membership enquires.
The contact email is [email protected]
Rawiri & Zac NZPPA Webtech and Production
The heroes of the back office (but don’t want a photo shown).

  • NZPPA Webtech: any issues with the NZPPA website and logging on please contact Rawiri at: [email protected]
  • NZPPA Production: NZPPA training material, member packs, mail outs and course certificates contact Zac at: [email protected]
NZPPA Accounts
NZPPA Accounts is an outsourced function email: [email protected]
NZPPA Payroll SMEs Network
NZPPA has a network of trusted payroll SMEs at all levels of experience located throughout New Zealand and in some overseas locations that can be called on to assist and support NZPPA members in any aspect of payroll. To enquire on what support is available please contact: [email protected]


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