NZPPA Payroll Learning Framework

 The NZPPA is dedicated to raising the professional status of payroll practitioners. This will be done through a range of training modes:

  • Upfront classroom delivery (delivered nationally and overseas)
  • eLearning (done at any time through the internet)
  • Onsite training customised to suit (to any country where NZ payroll is processed)

NZPPA provides a national training programme along will selected courses being run in Australia.  All training and reference materials have been developed by payroll professionals. All NZPPA courses provide after course support.

NZPPA Training Courses

Level Course Name Duration(Day/s) Perquisites
Payroll core professional development courses (7 levels):
1 Payroll Foundations Skills 2 Open
2 Payroll Law 2 Open
3 HR and Finance Fundamentals for Payroll Practitioners (two separate courses) 2 and 1 Completed Level 1 or 2 or RPE*
4 Payroll Calculations 1 Completed Level 2 or RPE*
5 Payroll Calculations (+) 1 Completed Level 2 or RPE*
6 NZPPA Payroll Masterclass Workshop 2 Completed Level 3 or RPE*
7 Payroll Compliance Audit & Employment Agreement Terms Workshop 1 Completed Level 6 or RPE*
Special topic courses:
NZPPA 1st April Payroll Update (when available) 1 Open
Employee Leave 1 Open
Payroll for Non Payroll Practitioners 1 Open
Payroll Calculations & Employee Leave 1 Special
Payroll Law & Payroll Calculations (Combined) 2 Special
eLearning payroll courses:
1 NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Foundations 6 weeks (PT) Open
2 NZPPA Certificate in Employee Leave 6 weeks (PT) Open
2 NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Law 6 weeks (PT) Open
4 NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Calculations 6 weeks (PT) Openh
4 NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Practice 4 months (PT) Completed Level 3 or RPE*
6 NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Management 4 months (PT)

*RPE – Recognition Prior Experience, contact NZPPA for requirements: [email protected]

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