New Zealand Payroll Practitioners’ Association 5th Annual Conference and Payroll Expo

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The New Zealand Payroll Practitioners’ Association 5th Annual Conference and Payroll Expo will be held on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd June 2012

The NZPPA annual conference is the largest payroll event in New Zealand.


 The theme of our fifth conference is “Become a Payroll Whiz “– Calculations, Calculations, Calculations. 

The backbone of the work payroll professional do are calculations, and for payroll professionals knowing exactly how calculations are done is essential.  Without knowing how calculations should be done, payroll can start to make errors that could result in the business not being compliant with legislation or end being challenged through the courts for situations regarding interpretation of terms and conditions.  

It is a myth that a payroll system does this all for the payroll practitioner and that all they need to do is click on a button and all calculations will be done correctly taking into all the factors that sometime impact on the result.

In reality this is what a payroll professional has to deal with and why they need to know how calculations are performed:

Payroll systems can be configured (criteria, rules, calculations can be added and turned off). In a rough survey conducted by NZPPA 95% of payroll systems were not configured by the present payroll practitioner and no documentation on the setup of the system had been kept. 

Some calculations are outside the scope of legislation (by agreement) and they have to be added into the payroll system. 

Some payroll systems can’t do some specific types of calculations and manual work arounds have to be used. 

Different calculations are calculated over different periods and are calculated from a set point at the start or end of a period. 

The results of calculations sometimes cannot be verified through the system because there is no ability to drill down on the results so they can be checked to see if they are correct.

So this year’s conference will be about all the calculations needed to ensure your payroll is compliant:

  • Holidays Act: What is included in gross earnings, Average weekly pay, Ordinary Weekly Pay, 8%, Relevant Daily Pay & Average Daily pay, taxing holiday pay, holiday pay on termination (including discussion on what is and what is not a discretionary bonus).
  • Parental Leave (how to calculate leave, before and after)
  • KiwiSaver & Superannuation (Calculating ESCT (the choices), how to estimate ESCT).
  • What is and how to do total remuneration/Salary packaging.
  • Extra pays (bonuses, redundancy payments, retiring allowances, inducement payments, restrictive covenant)
  • ACC (first week, earner levy and the threshold, abatement of compensation)
  • Child Support (calculating 60% protected earnings)
  • Student Loan (deductions: SLCIR, SLBOR), applying a SDR
  • Payroll Giving
  • What government deductions are taken first
  • Understanding Taxable and Non-Taxable allowances

The conference will include a range of other relevant presentations: 


  • Employment law update on relevant case law in regard to payroll 
  • Where payroll legislation is going to next (tax and employment law) 
  • Round table discussion with a range of government departments and agencies 
  • A range of multi stream workshops to be held on both days of the conference (covering calculations this year) 




Michele was recently named the female Comedian of the Decade at the 2010 Comedy Awards, an honour which is certainly a highlight for the hilarious corporate entertainer.

From NZ television to National Radio, pubs to theatres, corporate functions to live television, Michèle A’Court has forged a thoroughly deserved reputation as one of New Zealand’s funniest women. Her unmatchable audience rapport, cut-throat honesty and razor sharp delivery have reduced audiences to uncontrollable laughter, even when the subject of the joke is themselves.

Michele’s solo show, “Heritage 101”, was awarded Best Show Concept at the Oddfellows NZ International Comedy Festival in 2005, during which time she also hosted the Comedy Convoy throughout NZ.

With a degree in English Literature and Drama (1983), Michèle was for two years the Auckland Correspondent for the highbrow “Sunday” radio programme, and is a regular book reviewer on National Radio’s Nine till Noon programme, and social commentator on the Panel with Jim Mora. With a NZ Certificate in Journalism (1979) she’s a freelance journalist for a number of national magazines and newspapers including Next, OnHoliday, She, Pet, Bride&Groom, and a columnist for NZ Political Review.


Allison is a leading expert on personality profiling  . She puts personalities into boxes and provides guidelines into how each “personality ” ticks and what “pushes their buttons” – how to speed read the personality and body language and talk to that. She is entertaining and really engages her audience and will have everyone thinking about their own personality traits and looking at their colleagues, clients, partners and families with different eyes.

An International Speaker of vast experience, Allison has not only gained respect, but built a powerful brand, inspiring many high profile companies. Allison is valued for her ability to engage an audience and give practical effective business tools that ensure buoyancy and resilience. Her presentation style makes for a fun and entertaining program, and more importantly, the uncomplicated content generates greater retention and application. The topic is universal in its content so can be applied across all industries and professions.

Regardless of what organisation we are in, the common thread is that we all deal with people. Business transformation occurs when we understand, respect and celebrate each others’ differences. By understanding what motivates us, we find greater significance in who we are, and value in what we do, resulting in greater productivity. 




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Employment law update on relevant case law in regard to payroll 
Where payroll legislation is going to next (tax and employment law) 
Round table discussion with a range of government departments and agencies 
A range of multi stream workshops to be held on both days of the conference (covering calculations this year) 

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