Student loans vanish from screen after Inland Revenue upgrade

Some taxpayers have seen their student loans seemingly disappear after Inland Revenue’s website came back online on Friday following a technology upgrade. A former student who now lives in Germany was among those who got a nice, but short-lived, surprise when her $14,000 student loan appeared to vanish. The woman joked that the upgrade – part of Inland Revenue $1.6 billion Business Transformation programme – was definitely working for her.  Another

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Four Types of Dangerous Payroll People

Yes, I mention this a lot in my posts, but payroll is a business-critical activity. It manages one of the largest costs a business has which is the cost of paying employees. NZPPA was formed to develop payroll as a profession in New Zealand and we are slowly doing that one win at a time.

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9000 Corrections staff to get holiday pay arrears this year

It expects a $16 million contingency it got in last year’s Budget should cover its liabilities to more than 9000 staff underpaid due to leave and shiftwork miscalculations. “We are determined to get this right for our staff and aim to begin paying any shortfalls in late 2019,” Richard Waggott, deputy chief executive corporate services,

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