[IRD] 2012 Draft Payroll Specification now available

We are pleased to advise we now have a draft Payroll Specification Document for the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 available to be downloaded from our website.



http://www.ird.govt.nz/software-developers/software-dev-draft-spec/ This URL takes you to the covering page where you can select \”Draft payroll specification\” to download.


Feedback on the draft

We always welcome and encourage your feedback on the draft Payroll Specification Document.  This is why this document is released before we are able to confirm some of the components such as the ACC Earners Levy Rates, within the document.


This year we would like to separate the feedback into two areas:

1. Content

The legislative changes, tax technical matters or IT related requirements.  This area covers all information software developers require to code the software packages used to pass the right return data to IR via the ir-File system.


2. Format

This is the third time we have provided the Payroll Specification Document in a revised format. We would appreciate your views on the layout / flow of the document.


This feedback should relate to how our specification can better meet your needs and would not result in any coding changes.



Please send all feedback relating to content directly to us on the [email protected].



Feedback to be provided by Friday 29 October 2010 from all payroll developers


Final Payroll Specification Document

The final Payroll Specification Document is expected to be released by Inland Revenue no later than 22nd of December 2010, This will enable software developers to have a finalised document to code from with certainty.

We will endeavour to get the final payroll specification up on the website earlier than the deadline.  We will advise you all by email as soon as this is available.

Payroll Specification Team
Inland Revenue
National Office
[email protected]


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