This webinar was hosted on 21st March 2024.

A large part of what we do in payroll is in interpreting, configuring, and applying agreed terms that the business has decided to provide to an employee (either through their employment agreement, policy, or even one-off special situations).

A lot of these extra agreed terms cause issues for payroll because they have not been developed in conjunction with what payroll can do (what the payroll system can do or not, legislative requirements how the payment fits with payroll processing, how complicated the agreed term has been made that takes additional payroll resources to process).

Content of webinar:

  • Providing extra leave on top of the minimum entitlement provided under the Holidays Act.
  • Providing other types of agreed leave (Long service, Domestic, Birthday, etc).
  • Jury and Witness Leave (what can be paid by the employer).
  • Providing additional parental leave on top of minimum entitlement and how it impacts other types of leave.
  • Making bonus payments workable in payroll.
  • Taxable allowances and stopping the issues with (double dipping).
  • Employee low-interest loans.
  • Paying wages or leave in advance.
  • Providing gifts or vouchers to an employee
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