Public Holidays for Payroll – Need to Knows 101

This special webinar was hosted 10 August 2023, 9am to 11.15am

This special webinar is about all the “need to knows” of public holidays (PH) provided under the Holidays Act.  A special feature of this webinar is that each topic area will have PH scenarios to fully explain how it is applied and its impact on payroll.

Attendees will be provided with a matrix detailing all the rules, for the 12 public holidays (if worked or taken, transferring to another day,

Webinar will cover:

  • The difference between the 12 public holidays provided under the Holidays Act
  • What is an otherwise working day for an employee?
  • When will an employee get an alternative holiday in relation to a PH
  • What is the employee paid for working on a PH?
  • How is RDP and ADP (when applicable) applied and calculated for an employee
  • What is an employee paid when they don’t work a PH?
  • Transferring PHs part and full day by agreement
  • Rules for Waitangi and Anzac Day (Mondayising)
  • Rules for the Christmas and New Year holidays
  • What must be included in an employment agreement regarding public holidays
  • Being on call on a PH (being called out and not being call out)
  • Employees coming to work more than once during a PH
  • What other payments would be paid to an employee on a PH
  • Impact of PH’s while on different types of leave
  • PH while an employee is on ACC
  • PH while employee is on parental leave
  • PH while employee is on unpaid leave
  • Impact of a closedown on PH’s for an employee
  • Impact of restricted shop trading days on PH’s
  • When must the payment for a PH be paid?

Webinar date:

  • 10 August 2023, 9am to 11.15am

Webinar cost:

  • NZPPA member: $145 + GST
  • NZPPA non-member: $165 + GST

If you want to book additional attendees, we can provide 25% off any additional attendees.

Member Price: NZ$125.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$145.00 + GST

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