This webinar was hosted on 17 August 2023, 9am to 11.15am

For payroll getting a new employee set up correctly from day one is essential to ensure payroll can pay the employee correctly.  Without a clear new starter process or an understanding of what needs to be covered, it can undermine payroll processing (short and long-term) in trying to resolve issues.

A comprehensive set of notes with numerous examples will be provided.

Attendees will be able to ask questions throughout the webinar through the Q&A functionality of ZOOM and the webinar will be recorded so participants will be able to view the webinar after the session.


  • What paperwork is needed for a new employee starter and what needs to be retained for record keeping.
  • Type of employee: casual, part-time, permanent, fix term
  • Type of employment agreement (individual or collective)
  • Setting up a contractor (for scheduler payments)
  • What is needed in an employment agreement for payroll (by law and by agreement (best practice).
  • Interpreting agreed terms and conditions for payroll setup (additional entitlements and benefits).
  • Understanding employee payments (salary or wage, bonus, commission, incentives, and allowances).
  • Identifying the new employees’ work patterns to identify the correct Holidays Act set up in payroll.
  • How will employee time be recorded in payroll?
  • KiwiSaver setup: automatic enrolment, opting out, employee contribution rates, and if the employee provides more than the default.
  • Determining the requirements if a company superannuation scheme is provided.
  • Setting the ESCT rate for an employee.
  • Setting the employee up for Payday filing


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