This Webinar was hosted on the 24 August 2023, 9am to 11.15am.

For payroll a big part of the work we undertake has a range of employment law principles, rules and payroll best practice procedures that are all applied to ensure payroll compliance with legislative and agreed terms.

Attendees will receive a comprehensive set of PDF notes that include numerous examples.  All attendees will also be sent the webinar recording after the session.

Ondemand will cover:

  • Types of employment agreements (individual, fix term and collective) the differences and rules between them in payroll terms.
  • Defining who is an employee (Contract of service Vs. a Contract for service), and the tests to use on determining if a contractor is a contractor or employee.
  • How to define a base week for an employee (working all forms of hours including variable and shift work) for annual holidays under the Holidays Act.
  • Changing the employee’s agreed week and impact on annual holiday entitlement.
  • Changing an employees work status (casual to permanent, permanent to casual) and what payroll needs to do.
  • Common mistakes seen in employment agreements that impact on payroll and how clauses could be changed to make them workable.
  • Changing an employees pay period (business case, steps to take, other issues).
  • Notice period (worked, paid in lieu, garden leave, when the employee wants a longer notice period and when the employee does not work their agreed notice).
  • Deductions from pay (owed to employer) what should be included in the deduction clause and how it needs to be actioned in payroll.
  • Abandonment of employment, process to follow and when termination can be actioned.
  • Redundancy (notice and redundancy compensation)
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