UNDERSTANDING REWARDS & INCENTIVES FOR PAYROLL 101 was run on the 13th Nov 2022 and this OnDemand recording provides the full 2 hours of stream along with resource materials.

On top of paying an employee’s base wage or salary many employers also decide to provide a range of rewards and incentives as a way to motivate, retain, entice and increase productivity of their employees.

For payroll it is typical that we are not involved in the development of rewards or incentives and to make matters worse it is quite common that they are just dropped on payroll to apply and process with little actual thought of their impact on what payroll and the payroll system can and cannot actually do.

In this special webinar, rewards and incentives will be explained in payroll terms so they can be applied correctly and made more workable for payroll going forward.

A set of comprehensive notes will be included as part of the webinar.


  • Defining what are rewards and incentives and how they would impact on payroll?
  • How are rewards and incentives structured, what payroll needs to watch out for, what to understand and questions to ask so they can be applied correctly.
  • Understanding the two types of rewards – tangible and intangible and what they may look like in payroll.
  • Types of incentives (Compensation, Recognition, Reward and Appreciation).
  • How are rewards and incentives taxed and the effect on gross earnings, other payments, deductions and with leave provided under the Holidays Act.
  • What payroll needs to tell the business to include in an employee’s employment agreement or company policy to make it work for payroll with the aim of reducing issues and ensuring legislative compliance.

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