This half day special event should be seen as an essential professional development step for your new payroll practitioners.  Six 30-minute topics are covered by three different instructors, covering:

  1. The 5 essential activities a payroller must do to keep payroll compliant, correct, and employees paid on time.
  2. Introduction to calculating PAYE, tax codes, earner levy and the requirements to be met by the employee for an ir330.
  3. Kiwisaver fundamentals eligibility, opting in, opting out, contribution rates.
  4. What deductions can be made from an employee’s pay?
  5. Main employee leave types and calculations (Holidays Act and Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act).

Essential payroll record-keeping, reporting, and privacy requirements

Member Price: NZ$125.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$145.00 + GST

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