This Ondemand was hosted 14th March, 2024.

Payroll practitioners and anyone needing to understand what 1st April 2024 changes are happening and how they will impact payroll.


There are a range of changes to payroll in New Zealand that change annually every year on the 1st of April. Other tax and employment law changes are also timed for a 1st April implementation.

Payroll professionals must understand how new, upcoming, and potential future changes could impact their payroll.

In 2024 we will start to see some of the major changes that the present government is pushing through. These changes will bring about major changes to payroll.

All attendees will receive a comprehensive set of webinar notes (provided in a PDF format). The webinar will be recorded and all attendees will be sent a link (once produced) after the webinar.

1st April 2024 Payroll Update covers*:

  • ACC earner levy and threshold increases
  • Change to the student loan thresholds
  • 1stApril 2024 Minimum wage change (TBA)
  • Impact of ACC levy and threshold on extra pay calculations and a special topic on defining the 4 weeks.
  • Review IRD recent operational and position statements
  • Updates on potential changes to legislation that will or could impact payroll in the future.
  • Update on work with ACC on the development of payroll resources to assist in ACC-related payroll situations.
  • NZPPA’s plans (and what has been done) to raise the issues with the Holidays Act with the new government.
  • Top 5 NZPPA PayTech Compliance issues with NZ payroll

*Content of the webinar may change as more information or changes are known/released.

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