HOLIDAYS ACT 103 – Payroll Remediation

Our present Holidays Act has created numerous issues for payroll as it is overly complex with multiple interpretations but with few definitions that can be used to any real certainty to make payroll fully compliant.

In this special webinar the end-to-end process of remediation will be covered for the Holidays Act.  This would suit a payroll practitioner wanting to understand the process so they can undertake an internal remediation or when using an external party.

Attendees will be able to ask questions throughout the webinar through the Q&A functionality of ZOOM and the webinar will be recorded so participants will be able to view the webinar after the session.

Holidays Act 103 webinar content:

  • Identifying your payroll issues with the Holidays Act:
    • Payment types (how payments have been assigned or not to gross earnings and the different calculations required under the act).
    • Issues with how calculations were run in the payroll system and different between what was done and what was required under the act.
    • Issues with defining a week (for different work patterns).
  • Identifying what employee types have been effected by Holidays Act issues.
  • Are the issues from configuration or base system issues.
  • Making the decision to do remediation in house or using an external party.
  • When to talk to your payroll system provider or outsourced payroll service provider.
  • Accessing and formatting data for assessment.
  • Creating an assessment model for different employee types.
  • When to inform employees and other parties.
  • Managing employee, Union and MBIE action.
  • What obligations do you have to notify past employees?
  • Managing payment of underpayments and how taxed.

Webinar date and time:

·         17TH November 2021, 9am TO 12.15pm

Webinar cost:

·         NZPPA member: $165 + GST

·         NZPPA non-member: $185 + GST

If you want to book additional attendees, we can provide 25% off any additional attendees.


Member Price: NZ$165.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$185.00 + GST

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