EMPLOYEE WORK SCHEDULES (ROSTERS AND SHIFT WORK) AND THEIR IMPACT ON PAYROLL was ran on the 7th Aug 2022 and this OnDemand recording provides the full 1+ hour of the special webinar along with resource materials.

For some employees the nature of their work is based on a work schedule commonly worked as a roster or shift.  How, when and what pattern is a matter of agreement for the employee and is usually defined as part of their employment agreement.  As these types of work schedule can change the week and days worked in a week it can cause a range of issues for payroll, not just regarding the week, but how it will affect leave and how the employee is paid.

This special webinar will cover a range of examples of different work schedules, what types of issues occur for payroll and how this should be applied in payroll to ensure it meets legislative requirements, compliance and payroll best practice.

Webinar will cover:

  • Examples of different work schedules and the common issues that payroll can face from them
  • How is a week and days in a week are defined when the week changes based on work scheduling?
  • How is the 4 weeks annual holiday entitlement defined when the week changes
  • The use of averaging to define a week (can it be done)?
  • How various payments and allowances are applied to a work schedule and defining gross earnings
  • Impact and issues caused on PH’s from a work schedule
  • How can a work schedule be changed?
  • What is needed in an employment agreement to define a work schedule

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