UPDATED NZPPA 2019 Training & Events Calendar released (Jun to Dec 2019)

NZPPA Training & Events Timetable, Jun to Dec 2019

The following dates are for Jun to Dec 2019.

Training course Location Date
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Auckland 6-7 Jun
Payroll Law & Payroll Calculations Sydney 13-14 Jun
Payroll Calculations Condensed Wellington 5 Jul
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Wellington 11-12 Jul
Payroll Law & Payroll Calculations Auckland 11-12 Jul
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Dunedin 18-19 Jul
Payroll Law Wellington 18-19 Jul
Payroll Law & Payroll Calculations Melbourne 25-26 Jul
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Hamilton 1-2 Aug
Payroll Compliance Audit Workshop Auckland 2 Aug
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Christchurch 8-9 Aug
Payroll Law Auckland 8-9 Aug
Payroll Calculations Condensed Auckland 15 Aug
Payroll Calculations Condensed Hamilton 16 Aug
Payroll Foundation Skills Auckland 22-23 Aug
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Sydney 29-30 Aug
Payroll Law & Payroll Calculations Wellington 5-6 Sep
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Melbourne 12-13 Sep
Payroll Law Christchurch 19-20 Sep
Payroll Foundation Skills Wellington 26-27 Sep
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Auckland 3-4 Oct
Payroll Calculations Condensed Dunedin 3 Oct
Payroll Calculations Condensed Christchurch 4 Oct
Payroll Foundation Skills Christchurch 17-18 Oct
Payroll Law Dunedin 24-25 Oct
Payroll Compliance Audit Workshop Wellington 31 Oct
Payroll Calculations Condensed Auckland 1 Nov
Payroll Calculations [+] Christchurch 7 Nov
Payroll Compliance Audit Workshop Christchurch 8 Nov
Payroll Masterclass Workshop Auckland 7-8 Nov
Payroll Calculations [+] Christchurch 14 Nov
Payroll Calculations Condensed Auckland 15 Nov
Payroll Law & Payroll Calculations Sydney 21-22 Nov
Payroll Law Auckland 28-29 Nov
Payroll Calculations [+] Auckland 5 Dec
Payroll Calculations Condensed Wellington 6 Dec

*Dates subject to change

Events – Jun to Dec 2019:

  • 5th Annual Payroll Leaders Summit, 20-21 June, Wellington.
  • 13th Annual Payroll Conference, 10-11 October, Auckland

NZPPA Onsite training:

  • Any of the above courses can be run at your site and customised to suit. For information please contact: [email protected]