PARENTAL LEAVE AND EMPLOYMENT PROTECTION ACT was hosted on the 20th Aug, 2022 and this OnDemand recording provides the full 1+ hour of stream along with resource PDF materials.

The parental leave act has a range of leave types to support an employee taking leave as part of their parental responsibilities.

Payroll needs to understand the differences and rules between each leave type, the criteria that the employee has to meet to get them and how parental leave is earned and its effect on leave provided under the Holidays Act.


  • Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987
  • Employee eligibility for parental leave
  • Eligibility criteria for parental leave
  • Types of parental leave:
    • Special leave
    • Primary carer leave
    • Partner’s leave
    • Extended leave
    • Negotiated carer leave
    • Keeping in touch days
  • Employee returning to work early
  • Employee not returning to work from parental leave
  • What happens when an employee does not return from parental leave?
  • Employee made redundant while on parental leave
  • Effects of parental leave on annual holidays
  • Effects on annual holiday entitlement when returning from parental leave
  • Forms used by employers to respond to parental leave requests
  • Paid parental leave application for an employee
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