NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Law (Level 2)


Payroll professionals and anyone else involved in paying employees that want to know the essential legislative requirements that must be undertaken.


The law that covers what, how and when employees are paid is complex and ever changing.  There is no one single piece of legislation that covers all the requirements that must be completed in payroll.  

These requirements are spread across numerous pieces of legislation and are hard to find and in some cases hard to understand.  This course is to give participants clear guidance on what you must know (in plain language) and how to apply that to payroll.

This course is an eLearning course and is delivered online through the NZPPA eLearning environment. Each NZPPA eLearning module includes a range of media (video and sound clips and links to other websites as well as interactive course activities). This course can be done at any time and has been designed to be conducted over a 6-week period part time to fit in with work and other responsibilities.

As with all NZPPA courses participants will have access after the course to the NZPPA PayTech Adviceline (even non-members will have complimentary access).

Course Access:

All learning activities are available through the eLearning environment. On starting the course, a course manual will be couriered to the student as the guide for the course.

Students can also access information that can be downloaded and can use a range of external links to websites and other resources.

Activities and assessment can then be accessed from the eLearning environment, uploaded and is marked and reported online to the student.


As an online course once the course start date is booked the course will be available for period of six weeks only. Additional extensions can be requested based on work or other events if needed.

Course Content

This course will cover the following acts in relation to payroll.

  • Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Holidays Act 2003
  • Wages Protection Act 1983
  • Time Act 1974
  • Parental Leave and the Employment protection Act 1987
  • Volunteer Employment Protection Act
  • Equal Pay Act 1992
  • Minimum Wage Act 1983
  • Accident Compensation Act 2001
  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Child Support Act 1991
  • KiwiSaver Act 2006
  • Income Tax Act 2007
  • Tax Administration Act 1994
  • Student loan  Scheme Act 1992

The training course is structured in four modules, being:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: PAYE and Tax Legislation
  • Module 3: Employment Law
  • Module 4: Final Pays

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course the learner will be able to:

  • Identify key PAYE and tax legislation and apply its requirements in relation to payroll.
  • Identify key employment law legislation and apply its requirements in relation to payroll.
  • Undertake a range of PAYE and tax payroll calculations manually.
  • Undertake a range of holiday payroll calculations manually.
  • Identify what pay elements are to be paid in a final pay to an employee.
  • Find, apply and know where to find updates to legislation.

Assessment of Learning

To complete this training course, the learner will need to:

  • Fully complete all online learning activities conducted after some of the topic content areas to do with specific legislation, and
  • Complete 3 Skill Check Assessment at the end of each module based on the overall content.  Accessed and submitted online.

All online tests have a 100% pass mark as this is to do with the requirements of payroll legislation

NZPPA Certificate

  • On completion of the course attendees will receive the NZPPA Certificate in Payroll (Level 2) with 16 hours of learning.
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Non-member Price: NZ$625.00 + GST

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