Staff new to payroll or who act as a backup to payroll and small business owners who need an understanding of how to process a basic payroll for their employees.


Payroll is one of the largest costs a business has and it is important that staff that are involved in payroll fully understand how payroll is processed and the different steps and requirements (legislative and agreed terms) impact on its processing.

If payroll is not processed in a structured and logical way it can easily become non-compliant the result can then mean that employees are not paid correctly and the employer is put at risk of penalties and fines from external agencies and challenges from their own employees.

This entry-level payroll course covers the basic payroll process steps and payroll activities that are present in any payroll (manually processed or using a computerized payroll application).

It will provide new payroll staff with a clear understanding of what the steps are and why they are done.

Each participant will be provided with a comprehensive course manual full of references that also includes templates and basic payroll process steps and procedures.


All learning activities are available through the eLearning environment. On starting the course, a course manual will be couriered to the student as the guide for the course.

Students can also access information that can be downloaded and can use a range of external links to websites and other resources.

Activities and assessments can then be accessed from the eLearning environment, uploaded marked and reported online to the student.

You will also have access to the course material in the form of an online flipping book if you wish to start before the physical course material arrives.


As an online course once the course start date is booked the course will be available for six weeks only. Additional extensions can be requested based on work or other events if needed.


  • Overview of the payroll process
  • How to set up new employees and prepare final pay for terminated employees
  • How to gather employee time data
  • What basic payroll documentation is required
  • How employees are taxed
  • What types of government and agency deductions are processed in payroll
  • Overview of KiwiSaver payroll requirements
  • Payroll timeframes and deadlines
  • Filing and reporting requirements (externally)
  • Payroll process checks, verification and sign-off
  • What payroll reports to provide to the business
  • Payroll record management
  • Income tax and PAYE


At the end of this session the learner will be able to:

  1. Describe the end-to-end payroll process
  2. List the payroll process steps and what is required for each step to ensure payroll is kept compliant
  3. Describe all the elements that are involved in processing a pay
  4. Describe the various leave entitlements and calculations under the Holidays Act 2003
  5. Understand other pieces of legislation that have an impact on payroll

On completion of the course, attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


This course in part will help in completing the online assessment requirements for NZPPA Certification to be a recognized payroll professional.

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Non-member Price: NZ$775.00 + GST

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