Payroll professionals must be more proactive in ensuring the greatest cost to any business (payroll) is compliant, not causing additional risk to the business and payroll terms and conditions of employment are structured in the best possible way.

This course will be run in a workshop format using the NZPPA audit questionnaire tool as a base document allowing participants to customise it to their environment so they can apply it straight back to their own payroll environment. Participants will be emailed with a suggested list of documents to bring to the workshop.

A lot of the payments made to employees through payroll are defined by agreement or stated based on legislation and in a lot of cases how they have been written into an employment agreement can mean they are: vague, non-compliant with legislation and in some cases actually will cost employers more than they wanted them to do. This section of the workshop will cover the main legislative and agreed terms that are commonly found in employment agreements and how they should be written to meet the needs of payroll.

At the end of this workshop participants should have an audit plan, a customised audit questionnaire and a range of plain language payroll-related employment agreement clauses. Participants will also be able to send through any follow-up questions (on the course content) via the NZPPA PayTech AdviceLine after the course.

Course delivery:

The Essentials course is provided as an in-person course (classroom).

A comprehensive set of course notes will be provided to each attendee.


  • 2 days, running from 9 am to 4.15 pm both days.


  • Identify the typical issues found within the payroll
  • What materials and resources can be used or are needed to do a payroll audit?
  • How to use the NZPPA Audit questionnaire tool, Payment Type Analysis and Record Questionnaires
  • Cover all set legislative requirements of core legislation, including:
  • Employment Relations Act 2000, Holidays Act 2003, Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987, Minimum Wage Act 1983, Child Support Act 1991, Income Tax Act 2007, Student Loan Scheme Act 1992, Tax Administration Act 1994, Accident Compensation Act 2001, KiwiSaver Act 2006 and a range of other related acts related to payroll.
  • Identify what legislative requirements are needed to be included in employment agreements so it is compliant and assist payroll.
  • Cover off common agreed terms in how they are included in an employment agreement to ensure they are in plain language, and are clear and concise and it is clearly understood what cost they represent to the business when paid and ongoing.
  • MBIE Payroll Audit Overview
    • What is the requirements and difference between improvement and enforcement notices
    • What is the process used, how will the audit be conducted, what to provide and what to watch out for?


At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Create an audit plan to audit their payroll
  • Conduct a compliance audit on their payroll
  • Identify legislative employment agreement terms ensuring they are compliant
  • Identify agreed terms included in employment agreements to ensure they are in plain language, clear and concise and are clearly cost.

Course Certificate:

  • On completion of the course, attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

NZPPA Certification:
This course in part will help in completing the online assessment requirements for NZPPA Certification to be a recognised payroll professional.

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Non-member Price: NZ$1,095.00 + GST

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