NZPPA Certificate in Employee Leave

Creative Learning Solutions (CLS) provides the eLearning environment and NZQA registration for NZPPA.  This training scheme is approved by NZQA as follows:

“Creative Learning Solutions Limited has been granted approval by NZQA under section 251 of the Education Act 1989 to provide the Payroll Law (Training Scheme).”


Payroll professionals and anyone managing or paying employees in regard to employee leave entitlements.


Understanding and applying the rules, risks and requirements of employee leave is an essential skill for any organisation. Without knowledge of the different types of leave, when employees become eligible, and what they should be paid and how this is calculated it can become very costly with potential legal challenges possible.

This course is an eLearning course and is delivered online by CLS. Each NZPPA eLearning module includes a range of media (video and sound clips and links to other websites as well as interactive course activities). This course can be done at any time and has been designed to be conducted over a 6-week period part time (10 hours a week approx.) to fit in with work and other responsibilities.

Participants will also be able to download a range of comprehensive course resources (to use and reference in their workplace), with numerous references and examples. During the course participants will have access to the NZPPA PayTech AdviceLine to ask any payroll related questions.


Online eLearning course (part time over six weeks, 10 hours per week)

Learning Outcomes

The course will be conducted by undertaking a range of three modules. A course timetable is provided so course topics can be timetabled around work commitments over the 6-week period of the course. All modules and assessment activities must be completed to be issued with an end of course certificate.

This course has three modules:

Module 1: Holidays Act 2003

  • Key definition of terms used in the act
  • Annual holidays – rules and how it is calculated
  • Sick and Bereavement Leave – rules and how they are applied and calculated
  • Public holidays – rules, how they transfer to another day, and how they are calculated
  • Alternative holidays – rules and how they are used, calculated and paid out

Module 2: Other Types of Leave

  • Parental Leave and Employment Protection 1987
    • Types of Parental Leave and the rules around them
    • Process, timeframes, letters and forms
    • Parental leave is counted as continuous employment and how that impacts on leave under the Holidays Act 2003
  • Education Leave under the ERA Act 2000
  • Jury and Witness Leave
  • Volunteers Employment Protection Act 1973
  • Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002
  • Other types of leave provided by agreement: Long Service Leave etc.

Module 3: Managing employee leave and Final Pays (in relation to leave)

  • Payroll reports and tracking employee absenteeism
  • Leave liability (what it is and how to manage it)
  • Leave forms and keeping Leave Records
  • Calculating any leave entitlement to be paid out in an employee’s final pay
  • Top 5 issues to watch out for when using or selecting a payroll system in regard to employee leave.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course the learner will be able to:

Module 1:

  • Apply the correct payment to the correct gross earnings period
  • Identify what calculations that must be used for leave entitlements provided under the Holidays Act 2003
  • Assign the correct payment type to the correct gross earnings period.
  • State the rules that apply to each leave entitlement under the act.

Module 2:

  • State the types of parental leave available under the act and the rules of how they are applied when taken.
  • List the other types of leave entitlements provided by law to an employee.
  • Identify how other leave is calculated by law or agreement.

Module 3:

  • What reports are standard in payroll to report leave held or taken by an employee.
  • State how leave liability occurs and how its value is calculated.
  • Explain how leave entitlement is paid out on an employee’s termination.
  • List the 5 issues when using or selecting a payroll system in regard to employee leave.

Duration and Conditions of use:

As an online course once the course start date is booked the course will be available for period of six weeks only.  Additional extensions can be requested based on work or other events if needed.

Course Resources:

All course resources are available through the eLearning environment.  Students can access topic content handouts and other information that can be downloaded and can use a range of external links to websites and other information resources.

Activities and assessment can be accessed from the eLearning environment, uploaded and is marked and reported online to the student.

Assessment of Learning

To complete this training scheme the learner will need to:

  • Fully complete all online learning activities conducted after some of the topic content areas to do with specific legislation, and
  • Complete 3 Skill Check Assessment at the end of each module based on the overall content.  Accessed and submitted online.

All online tests have a 100% pass mark as this is to do with the requirements of payroll legislation

NZPPA Certificate

On completion of this course a “Certificate of Completion” will be provided and US335 will be reported to the student’s record of learning.

CLS Student Handbook

CLS is a registered PTE under NZQA and the administrative requirements are detailed in the student handbook available from the CLS website ( under the enrolment menu.  Any questions please contact CLS on [email protected]

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