Payroll Practitioners who work alongside HR, do some HR activities or want a better understanding of the role of HR and how it interacts with payroll and vice versa.


Human resource activities cover the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to termination, and they link in various ways to the work we do in payroll. Understanding the core HR areas helps payroll practitioners ask the right questions at the right time, know what and when payroll may be called on to assist HR and explain to HR what payroll needs to pay employees.

This course will be run as three 2-hour Modules over three weeks. Each Module will be recorded, and participants can view it later. A comprehensive set of notes will be provided for each module.

Participants can pick any or all of the three modules (as they are standalone).

DURATION: 3 Modules, 2 hours per week over three weeks


Module 1:

  • Understanding the employee lifecycle from an HR perspective and how that interacts with payroll.
  • Employment Legislation Essentials – covering a range of employment-related acts that directly or indirectly impact payroll.
  • Employment agreement and company policy fundamentals (interpretation, compulsory clauses, writing in plain language), and what’s needed for payroll.

Module 2:

  • Recruitment and selection process (the dos and don’ts), as well as what payroll needs from new starters.
  • Initial documentation required (HR and payroll) and what other internal forms are needed.
  • Onboarding (Induction): what should payroll be involved in?
  • Communicating payroll information to be proactive.
  • Understanding employee remuneration (how wage and salary are determined, remuneration process, wage and salary scales, remuneration surveys).
  • Understanding performance management and appraisal process

Module 3:

  • Termination of employment (what HR does before payroll actions an employee termination):
    • Resignation (various situations)
    • Redundancy (process)
    • Disciplinary (process and the different types)
    • Retirement
    • Abandonment of employment
    • Not returning from parental leave
    • Long term sickness (Incapacity)
    • Not returning to work from ACC
    • Death of an employee
    • Frustration of contract
    • Employee resignation
  • MBIE Investigation (Labour Inspectorate)
  • Overview of the process when an employee raises a personal grievance (In the workplace, Mediation, ERA, Employment Court)

LEARNING OUTCOMES (If all three modules are completed):

  1. To be able to explain the core lifecycle of an employee about HR and what links it has to payroll.
  2. What HR needs from payroll, and what payroll can be expected from HR to aid in paying an employee.


  • Module 1, 30 May, 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Module 2, 6 June, 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Module 3, 14 June, 1 pm to 3 pm

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