NZPPA’s Payroll Practice Guide

The NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide is a payroll resource developed by payroll experts for payroll people. It is written in plain language from a payroll perspective and is full of practical examples, checklists and important points to keep in mind when you are working with and processing payroll.

The NZPPA payroll practice guide is a payroll reference and does not try to cover other non-payroll activities. It also does not cover all payroll situations outside the scope of legislation but does provide advice on how many of these areas can be effectively managed.

What’s covered in the NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide?

At just over 500+ pages of material, the NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide is a valuable resource for anyone managing or running NZ payroll.

There are eight main sections of the guide:

  1. Managing Payroll
  2. Taxation Law
  3. Employment Law Part 1: Employment Terms
  4. Employment Law Part 2: Employee Leave
  5. Payroll Records and Privacy
  6. Other Laws Related to Payroll
  7. Calculating a Final Pay
  8. Additional

Each section consists of a section summary along with a checklist at the end of the section of important points to follow up on.

Other features of the Practice Guide:

  • The guide is filled with fully worked
  • references, links, checklists and sample
  • Definitions of terms and explanations in plain language related to payroll are provided throughout the
  • The guide is linked to its own special portal on the NZPPA website where updates can be accessed and
  • Subscribers get access to the latest updated online version of the

What’s in the 2019 edition:

  • New Domestic violence leave section
  • Updated 1st April changes
  • Payday filing
  • Changes to the Employment Relations Act
  • Updated reference and links to external resources.
  • Updated and additional sections added throughout.

Cost of the NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide

NZPPA members:

NZPPA members can access the guide online for FREE as part of membership but can also obtain a physical copy at the substantially reduce price of $67.50 + GST (postage paid anywhere in NZ, parcel tracked), $87.50 + GST (postage paid anywhere in AU, parcel tracked).

Other discounts for multiple copies are (in NZ only):

  • 2 x guides ($85 + GST)
  • 3 x guides ($120 + GST
  • 4 x guides ($150 +GST)

*for additional copies contact NZPPA

To order email: [email protected]

For member orders to Australia please email: [email protected]

NZPPA Non-members:

Cost for NZ based deliveries (parcel tracked):

  • 1 x guide ($105 + GST)
  • 2 x guides ($150 + GST)
  • 3 x guides ($220 + GST)
  • 4 x guides ($280 + GST)

*for additional copies contact NZPPA

To order email: [email protected]

For non member orders to Australia please email: [email protected]

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