Please note:  This is not a sales course and would not suit a sales consultant.


Payroll is one of the more complex systems found within a business but in general is not clearly understood.  To change this a fundamental role of a successful payroll consultant is to educate and communicate effectively what payroll actually does and why so employees can be paid correctly and on time.


An effective payroll consultant must be able to assess business payroll needs, with the aim to provide effective solutions that aid the business and payroll overall.  This may involve promoting change or managing it while being able to balance a range of factors to ensure success.


One of the models that will be provided on this workshop will be the consultative consulting approach that allows practitioners to build an effective relationship with a client (external and internal) that is based on trust and willingness to understand their needs. This will mean that a far more benefical outcome can be achieved because the consultants influence and creditability has been enhanced with the relationship that has been built with the client.


This workshop has been designed to only focus on the skills a consultant needs to be successful in a payroll environment.  This means all examples and the model used have been selected for this purpose only.



  • What are payroll consulting skills?
  • Identifying and understanding the needs of internal and external payroll clients.
  • Selecting the right consultative model to fit the payroll work environment.
  • Developing consultative relationship skills in a payroll environment with all stakeholders.
  • How to carry out an initial diagnosis of payroll client needs.
  • Focusing on outcomes and not activity to achieve payroll results
  • Moving people forward rather than staying in the past “we have always done it that way”.
  • Review and evaluate solutions implemented.
  • Evaluating outcomes and success as a consultant and keeping the client updated and on board.


Webinar date and time:

  • 20TH October 2021, 9am TO 12.15pm


Webinar cost:

  • NZPPA member: $165 + GST
  • NZPPA non-member: $185 + GST

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