Payroll manages one of the largest costs a business has and if the wrong payroll (software or service) is selected that can create major risk to the business in regard to under and over payments to employees, incorrect reporting to government departments that can result in additional costs (penalties, interest) along the risk of external audit and legal challenges.  Selecting the wrong payroll can mean the additional time and cost involved creates substantial loss of confidence from the business and good will from employees in the payroll function.

The key to payroll selection is to spend time identifying what the business needs from their payroll and then select the payroll that will meet those needs.  The other essential activity for payroll is to ensure that the payroll is implemented and configured correctly from day one and that the payroll provider is held accountable to provide the software or service based on what was agreed to be provided while also future proofing payroll going forward.

This three-hour webinar will cover a wide range of topics with comprehensive notes that include templates, checklists and other resources.

New payroll selection topics:

  • What risks are involved in moving or not moving payroll (system or services)?
  • Who should be involved and how involved should they be?
  • Cleary defining what is wrong and why with the present payroll system or service?
  • Defining your business requirements to find the right payroll
  • Inhouse or outsourced payroll what’s works best for your business?
  • Asking the right questions and getting evidence to justify the new payroll purchase
  • Making the payroll provider accountable (software or service)
  • Controlling implementation and configuration to reduce risk and meet legislative requirements

Please note: NZPPA does not sell or promote any payroll system or payroll service, we are neutral.

Webinar date and time:

  • 29TH September 2021, 9am TO 12.15pm

Webinar cost:

  • NZPPA member: $165 + GST
  • NZPPA non-member: $185 + GST


If you want to book additional attendees, we can provide 25% off any additional attendees please email: [email protected]

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