The NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide was first published in 2018 as the official NZPPA payroll reference guide. Since then, the guide has developed to be more be a 500+ page payroll reference resource.

We have been limited by the size of the guide as we could include more references, supporting materials, templates, links, and a vast amount of NZPPA-authored articles. For this reason, we have now developed the online revision of the guide so we can include all the additional resources that the physical guide was not able to include.

One of the major benefits of the online version of the guide is that we have included numerous clips so you can not just read about a topic, but have it explained fully. This will be an ongoing development area of the online version of the guide.

The online version is still based on the 12 sections of the physical guide, being:

  1. Managing Payroll
  2. Taxation Law
  3. Employment Law Part 1: Employment Terms
  4. Employment Law Part 2: Holidays and Parental Leave
  5. Other types of employee leave
  6. Payroll Records and Privacy
  7. Other Laws Related to Payroll
  8. Calculating a Final Pay
  9. New Payroll Section
  10. Payroll Remediation (Holidays Act 2003)
  11. What’s on the Horizon for Payroll
  12. Additional resources

What do you get with the online version?

  • You will receive a physical copy of the guide on purchasing the subscription.
  • Access to the online guide through the NZPPA eLearning portal at any time.
  • Access to the latest version of the Payroll Practice Guide Publication (as a flipping book)
  • Access to the NZPPA PayTech AdviceLIne (Via email).

Special notes on subscription:

  1. Subscription is for a 12 month period based on when the subscription is purchased.
  2. Subscription will be automatically renewed at the 12-month expiry date but can be cancelled at that time by the subscriber if requested.
  3. One login per subscription, purchase additional logins as needed (see above).

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