NZ Domestic Violence—Victims’ Protection Bill Passes

From the 1 April 2019 New Zealand will have another leave type called Domestic Violence leave. An employee that is eligible will be able to get up to 10 days domestic violence leave.

It will become an act once signed off by the Governor General and a range of current legislation will be amended with reference to the new requirements.

For payroll it will be paid based on Relevant Daily Pay (RDP) and if that cannot be determined Average Daily Pay (ADP).

Employers will need to ensure they have a formal process in place to follow the requirements set by this new legislation (to ensure compliance).

This now means we have six leave types that are now using RDP and if that cannot be determined ADP, being:

  • Sick leave (Holidays Act)
  • Bereavement leave (Holidays Act)
  • Public Holiday (Holidays Act)
  • Alternative Holiday (Holidays Act)
  • Education Leave (Employment Relations Act)
  • (NEW, from 1 April 2019) Domestic Violence (Holidays Act will be amended)

NZPPA will provide a full breakdown of what is required from payroll to meet the requirements of this new legislation to our members in due course.

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