Payroll Masterclass Bootcamp

masterclass bootcamp

NZPPA next online event is BOOTCAMP – Get your boots on

In just over three hours participants will have access to the three NZPPA trainers covering 6 payroll topics along with a Q&A session.

Boot Camp is based on the NZPPA Masterclass Workshop but providing a short but sharp introduction to the essential payroll topics payroll practitioner need to know.

BOOTCAMP sessions will cover:

  1. Holiday Act Calculations
  2. Holiday Act Leave Rules
  3. Calculating Extra Pays
  4. KiwiSaver, ESCT and ACC
  5. Allowances and Deductions (benefit, reimbursing, travel, child support, student loan, 157 notices)
  6. Termination Pays
  7. Q&A Panel session

Course Programme Payroll Masterclass BOOTCAMP

The Payroll Masterclass BOOTCAMP is a condensed version of the 2-day Masterclass based on the NZPPA Payroll Practice Guide. 

BOOTCAMP will cover the following:

Session No. Session Name Session Content:
1. Holiday Act Calculations How the following calculations are calculated: AWE, OWP, 8%, RDP and ADP.
2. Holiday Act Leave Rules Annual Holidays, Sick, Bereavement, Public Holiday, Alternative and Family Violence leave.
3. Calculating Extra Pays How an extra pay is calculated, types of extra pays, what holiday act payments treated as extra pays.
4. KiwiSaver, ESCT and ACC How KiwiSaver is calculated (employee and employer). How is ESCT determined (previous year, part year and casual). How is ACC calculated first week (workplace accident and what are the top up options, what to pay first week non work accident.
5. Allowances and Deductions What are the difference and rules for benefit, reimbursing and travel.  How child support 60% net earnings are calculated.  How student loan is calculated above pay period thresholds, Actioning 157 notices.
6. Termination Pays Annual leave and accrual on termination, notice period, redundancy
7. Q&A Panel session Attendees can submit questions before the BOOTCAMP or during sessions so the panel can discuss.  


Participants will be provided a set of notes as a BOOTCAMP guide and be able to access a full recording along with the BOOTCAMP presentations via a link sent out after the BOOTCAMP.

Your BOOTCAMP drill instructors

David Jenkins – NZPPA CEO

David has been involved in payroll for well over 20 years and formed NZPPA back in 2007. He loves payroll people and is committed to gaining recognition for the important work payroll professionals do and in getting payroll seen as a profession in New Zealand.

Angela Grylls – NZPPA Certification & Assessment Manager, Payroll Consultant

Angela has a vast amount of payroll expertise behind her and spent nine years working for APN News & Media, a large Trans-Tasman media company, where she held the challenging role of Trans-Tasman Payroll Manager. She also spent a year working for a payroll bureau and completed a number of payroll implementations.

Angela specialises in payroll management, process and best practice reviews, payroll implementations and personnel learning and development.

John Brinkmann C.A. Chartered Accountant John Brinkmann C.A. Chartered Accountant

25+ years specializing in payroll, covering many sectors including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, health, automotive & education. Extensive payroll consultancy work including implementing new systems, design and needs analysis, training, auditing systems and processes and project management. John has also presented a large number of payroll and employment law courses for a number of organisations.

Angeline Yeoh (Compliance Analyst, Datacom) Angeline Yeoh (Compliance Analyst, Datacom)
Angeline joined Datacom a year ago but previously worked for the Serious Fraud Office and Immigration New Zealand in fraud and compliance roles. She works alongside Datacom’s dedicated compliance team to ensure that our payroll products and services are developed and maintained so that they are compliant with current legislation and prepared for future legislative changes as they occur.

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Member Price: NZ$75.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$105.00 + GST

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