Payroll Calculations Condensed (Level 3)


Payroll Practitioners wanting to have knowledge of how to complete payment calculations to meet the requirements of legislation.


New Zealand employment legislation is complex and wide ranging in what payroll practitioners have to calculate to comply with the law. This practical course will allow participants to practise the essential calculations to cover a range of employee payment situations. Fully worked examples covering a range of different situations will be provided that can then be used back in the workplace. The course will be run in a workshop format.


1 Day

Course Content

Holidays Act 2003

· Determining gross earnings

· What payments are included excluded from holiday pay calculations.

· Calculating annual leave AWE/OWP and 8%.

· Calculating Relevant daily pay & Average Daily Pay for sick, bereavement, alternative, public holidays.

· Cashing up the 4th week AL

Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987

· Taking and paying annual leave before an after parental leave is taken.

Employment Relations Act 2000

· How to calculate Education Leave

Minimum Wage Act 1983

· Applying the starting out wage to new employees.

Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2001

· Earner levy and threshold rates

· Calculation of first week earnings for workplace accidents.

Child Support Act 1991

· Calculating protected net earnings for child support payments.

KiwiSaver 2006 Act

· What payments are included or excluded from KiwiSaver?

· Calculating the employer and employee contributions

How to tax IRD payments and make deductions:-

Setting & Calculating ESCT for KiwiSaver and Superannuation


· How to calculate a Lum Sum (extra pay)

· Redundancy Payments.

· Retiring Allowances.

· How to calculate a regular bonus


· Benefit allowances

· Non-taxable allowances

· Reimbursing allowances

· Motor vehicle reimbursing rate

Calculating Student loan deductions:

· Commissioner Deduction (SLCIR)

· Borrowers deduction (SLBOR), and

Payroll Giving

· Calculating the tax credit on donations.

Personal Grievance Payments.

Final Pay

· Different ways termination can occur

· How to calculate the tax on holiday pay on termination.

· What deductions apply and don’t apply for various types of payments on termination.

· What should be shown on the payslip?.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the essential legislative requirements in relation to payroll.
  • Identify risk areas in the calculation of an employees pay.
  • Conduct basic checks of payroll data to ensure it complies with legislation
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