Pay Elements and Configuration 101 – Workshop

Pay Elements are the various components and combinations of which form the pay structure that is used to pay an employee through payroll.  How and why along with their configuration are essential to get right or it will undermine payroll in terms of additional time, cost and compliance.

As this webinar will be run as a workshop (running over a 2-hour period), participants are encouraged to have access to their IEAs and CEA’s during the session so they can refer to them as a reference along with their system pay element setup report (or report or config document of a similar nature).

The aim of the session will be to challenge attendees to do a pay element audit and schedule a process for reviewing them on an ongoing basis. This all-forms part of ensuring compliance and payroll best practice principles are applied to payroll.


The Pay Elements and Configuration 101 Workshop will run covering five areas, being:

  1. What drives the creation of pay elements? (i.e., legislation, agreements policies etc)
  2. How pay elements effect payroll system setup? (i.e. standard config, agreement, policy specific etc)
  3. How are pay elements checked in payroll? (Legislation, employment agreement clauses etc)
  4. When do pay elements need to be checked in payroll?
  5. What are some of the common issues NZPPA sees with pay elements through the audits we undertake?

Webinar date and time:

  • 4 August 2022, 9am to 11.15pm

Webinar cost:

  • NZPPA member: $145 + GST
  • NZPPA non-member: $165 + GST

If you want to book additional attendees, we can provide 25% off any additional attendees.

Member Price: NZ$145.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$165.00 + GST

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