NZPPA 6th Annual Payroll Leaders Summit 28 August 2020


  1. Provide a specific forum for payroll leadership to learn new skills they can apply to their workplace.
  2. Create networking opportunities among their peers in the payroll industry.
  3. Help upcoming payroll leaders to move into senior positions either within their own organisation or as part of their career in the payroll industry.

This year’s summit will be an online event to fit in with the current Covid-19 environment.

This event will suit:

  • Existing payroll managers and team leaders
  • Upcoming or new payroll managers and team leaders
  • Managers of payroll staff that want to get a better understanding of how to effectively lead payroll staff.


In these unprecedented times payroll has had to swim in uncharted waters. Payroll leaders have had to lead their team as well as helping the business adapt to these very changeable times.

This is not the end but a new beginning for payroll and payroll leaders need the skills to learn from what has happened to keep payroll moving forward to ensure employees are paid correctly while also being flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the business they work within.

This year’s summit is about how payroll leaders needing to adapt, thinking out of the box, while still meeting business needs and supporting and leading their team.

In just over three hours participants will have access to a range of payroll SME’s and technical experts in their field, along with a Q&A session at the end to help with any general legislative questions in relation to the present Covid-19 situation.

6th Annual Payroll Leaders’ Summit will cover the following:

Session No. Session Name Session Content:
1. Leading an outsourced payroll and the challenges it brought during lockdown and beyond. TBA, Datacom
2. Case study – Leading a large Payroll from the trenches through lockdown What was learnt and how payroll adapted, TBA
3. NZPPA 1st Annual PayCheck Survey Results & NZPPA Certification for Leaders Results from the NZPPA 1st Annual PayCheck Payroll Survey, David Jenkins, NZPPA CEO
4. Employment law mistakes made during lockdown, what not to do TBA, Employment Lawyer
5. Keeping Yourself Safe through tough times TBA, but a Psychologist specialising in self help
6. Leading change in a changing environment TBA, change consultant
7. Q&A Panel session – general legislative questions on any topic Attendees can submit questions before the Summit or during sessions so the panel can discuss.

*Topics and speakers may change.

Session times and registration will be sent on the 21 August 2020. Attendees will need to register with ZOOM to be able to view this event (included in the registration details).

Participants will be provided with a printed bound copy of the NZPPA 1st Annual Payroll Leaders’ Summit.

All presentations will be recorded and attendees will be sent a link after the event (31 August 2020) to access. This will include any presentations that are available to be accessed or downloaded.


All speakers will be added by 18 August (the joys of level 3!)

David Jenkins – NZPPA CEO

David has been involved in payroll for well over 20 years and formed NZPPA back in 2007. He loves payroll people and is committed to gaining recognition for the important work payroll professionals do and in getting payroll seen as a profession in New Zealand.


Member Price: NZ$125.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$175.00 + GST

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