Payroll practitioners and anyone needing to understand what 1st April 2021 changes are happening and will impact on payroll. 


Changes to payroll are set with annual and other main changes happening on the 1st April each year.  It is important that payroll professionals understand how new, upcoming and potential future changes could impact on their payroll.  The majority of these changes flow through to payroll from payroll provider updates to the payroll system used so it is essential that payroll has a full understanding of the changes and how that has been applied to their payroll system as liability if issues occur sits with the business.  

The NZPPA 1st April Annual Payroll Update is designed to explain those changes in terms of how it will impact on payroll. The update is presented in plain language and will include examples and references that you can use back in the pay office.  

This year’s update will be run as a 2-hour online update.  There will be three live sessions and attendees can decide to watch live or to watch the recorded OnDemand session.  Participants to the live session will be able to submit questions prior to the event and they will be covered during the session.  There will also be the ability to ask questions during the session (if time permits) but all questions will be followed up and answers sent out to all participants.

Participants will be sent a Payroll Update Guide 2021 as a PDF prior to the session (on the day before).  As the session will be provided live 3 times during March any changes to the guide will be forwarded to all participants that have attended any of the three sessions.

1st April Payroll update will cover*:

  •  ACC earner levy threshold confirmation
  • Student loan threshold change and change to SLCIR and SLBOR reporting
  • 1st April 2021 Minimum wage change
  • New tax threshold with examples 
  • New secondary tax codes 
  • Change to the student loan threshold
  • Review IRD recent operational and position statements 
  • Updates on potential changes to legislation that will or could impact on payroll in the future
  • Top 5 NZPPA PayTech Q&A
  • Update on NZPPA events and services

*Subject to change as more information or changes are released.

On Demand Webinar

On booking you will be sent a link to the webinar page from where you can view the webinar and download the PDF version of the update manual.

Member Price: NZ$115.00 + GST
Non-member Price: NZ$145.00 + GST

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