Payroll Leaders’ Summit 2022

Background to the Leaders’ Summit

The NZPPA Leaders’ Summit is an annual event for leaders in the New Zealand payroll industry. Now in its eighth year, the summit is an essential professional development event for anyone moving into a payroll leadership role or who is already in a payroll leadership role. A payroll leader could be a leader of a team of payroll practitioners or even someone in a sole charge role, leading payroll for their business. The summit is also useful for business leaders that have the responsibility for payroll but do not have a payroll background, as it gives more understanding of the needs of the payroll practitioners they lead.

This year’s summit theme:

There is a real shortage of experienced payroll professionals available at all levels throughout the New Zealand payroll industry. With Covid closing the borders, the ability to recruit overseas payroll practitioners and the tight local labour market have reduced the ongoing refreshment of the industry. In addition, fewer new payroll practitioners are entering the industry to begin their careers. Every week, NZPPA gets requests from businesses seeking to fill vacant payroll positions. Some companies have not been able to fill positions at all. Experienced payroll practitioners are not a resource that can be developed overnight. Every payroll leader must focus on the best way to attract, retain, and develop their payroll practitioners to create an agile team.

This year’s summit theme is “How to attract, retain and develop high performing payroll practitioners to create an agile team.” Attendees will be provided with practical insights, techniques, and tools to apply back in their payroll environment.

How to attract…

  • It is very much a buyers’ market, meaning the payroll candidate has many employment options to choose from if they have the knowledge and experience sought. The payroll leader needs to know how to be seen as the candidate’s preferred choice when attracting them to join their organisation and team.

How to retain…

  • Payroll is a challenging role and, in many cases, a thankless task as the business does not clearly understand what we do in payroll. Creating an environment that supports the payroll practitioner from professional development opportunities, remuneration (pay, rewards, incentives), and developing a recognition framework tailored to what the payroll practitioner sees as important are fundamental to retaining payroll professionals.

Developing high performing payroll practitioners to create an agile team…

  • Payroll is facing an enormous period of change with the present government pushing through a substantial amount of legislation that will directly impact what we do in payroll (new Holidays Act, Fair Pay Agreements, national income insurance scheme…). For payroll leaders, effective management of this amount of change requires developing an agile team of high performing payroll practitioners. This involves creating an environment where team members are enthusiastic about their work, focused on the team goal, supportive of each other, and cross-functional in how payroll activities are undertaken.

This year’s summit gives attendees the option to attend live on the day or view the discussion online afterwards.

This year’s speakers

  • TBA – Will be available from the 20th May

This year’s programme

  • TBA – Will be available from the 20th May

Cost of this year’s summit

Early Bird rate (if booked before the 20 May 2022):

  • NZPPA member: $575 + GST (25% off per person for any additional attendees)
  • NZPPA non-member: $775 + GST (25% off per person for any additional attendees)

Standard summit rate (from 20 May 2022):

  • NZPPA member: $675 + GST (25% off per person for any additional attendees)
  • NZPPA non-member: $875 + GST (25% off per person for any additional attendees)

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