NZPPA – CLS NZQA Initiative (US335 for FREE)

NZPPA wanted to do more and as an industry initiative we are offering all NZPPA members the opportunity to complete the NZQA Unit standard “335 Prepare computerised payroll and related administration records using payroll software” for FREE through CLS our Private Training Establishment (PTE). Once completed it will be registered and applied to your NZQA record of learning.

The aim of this initiative is to provide a base recognised unit standard from NZQA that all NZPPA members will have. This will work in addition to NZPPA Certification in developing payroll as a recognise profession based on assessed skills.

Our aim is to have a 1000 NZPPA members undertake and gain US 335 in the next 3 years and then ongoing as we continue to grow.

This is a $50,000 initiative from NZPPA to our members. Over time we plan to provide other unit standards for members to undertake for FREE.

Under each membership type one member can participate in this initiative and they will be provided access to our online eLearning environment where this activity will be undertaken using a range of tools and resources:

  • A range of online resources, links and references to help to undertake this assessment.
  • The Assessment Workbook for US 335 that will need to be completed and submitted for assessment.
  • Online tutorials that you can access.
  • You will also have an online tutor to ask any questions on the assessment activity (if needed).

Who can access this and what do you have to do to get started?

Here is some additional information on who can apply for this and what you need to do to apply:

Entry criteria to undertake US335 NZPPA initiative:

  • Be a current NZPPA member (joined in the current year or have a paid up annual subscription)
  • Have an onsite verifier that can verify that the work submitted meets business requirements and is the candidates own work. Your Verifier must be your manager or a person you report to in regard to payroll and is willing to act as your verifier for US 335 (more information on the requirement for being a verifier is available on request).
  • That the candidate is working in payroll and is processing a New Zealand payroll.
  • Can access an online eLearning website to view media clips, download and upload workbook assessments.
  • Is a NZ citizen or permanent resident for NZQA purposes.

Process to apply for US 335:

  • Email: [email protected] stating your membership number, company or what membership type you are registering under.
  • Confirm you are running a NZ based payroll.
  • Confirm you have a verifier in your workplace (who they are) that will confirm your work submitted.
  • NZPPA will do an initial assessment and may come back with some additional questions.
  • If all OK you will be sent a link and Username/Password for the CLS eLearning environment.
  • Candidates will need to fill out documents available from the website for NZQA registration and email them to CLS.
  • Candidates will access the workbook, view media clips and submit work online.
  • Online support is available and assessment will be marked online and results emailed and made available to the candidate online.
  • Once fully completed results will be entered against the candidates record of learning with NZQA.

Under each membership type one member can participate in this initiative.

*Please note this does not apply to Overseas membership as NZQA unit standards would not apply.

If you want additional staff to undertake this assessment an additional charge of $25 + GST will apply. For larger groups please contact NZPPA so a discount can be applied. We can also run a session onsite for larger groups going through the assessment material in detail.

How long will it take to complete?

Roughly 60 hours but unit standards are evidence based which means the work you do in payroll is the evidence needed to show you have met the requirements of the assessment (full details, instructions and support will be provided to candidates undertaking this assessment).

What will you get once completed?

  • Once signed off NZPPA will send you a certificate of completion stating you have undertaken and has been assessed as competent for US335 (provides by CLS a NZQA registered PTE).
  • US335 will be registered against your NZQA record of learning.

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