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The Holidays Act 2003 is a poorly constructed piece of legislation. It has overly complex calculations that relate to a set week and day,but fail when an employee works variable hours and/or receives a range of different types of payments. However, there are severalchecks payroll can do to ensure that the payroll setup best meets the requirements of the Act.

Any current and historical issues with the Act will not go away. TheHolidays Act review has stated it will only focus on going forward. It has also been stated that any changes could be years away. In the meantime employers must still meet current requirements as set under the Act. This is a nightmare that needs to be resolved.

This workshop has been developed based on what NZPPA is seeingthrough its audits and the daily questions which are sent through to the NZPPA’s PayTech AdviceLine. The workshop covers the following areas which are all hot issues:


1 Day


  • How to check an employee’s employment agreement to ensure it aligns with the requirements of the Holidays Act and payroll.
  • How to define a week and day to make the Act workable even when an employee works variable hours.
  • Weeks, days and hours – when to use these and what the issues are with each.
  • How to convert existing leave entitlements stated in hours into weeks and days.
  • Understanding payments made to an employee and how these relate to a day, week and 52 weeks.
  • Breaking down each calculation used in the Act to ensure the correct configuration (to the type of employee, period of time and payment).
  • Aligning payments made to an employee to the correct period of gross earnings.
  • How to define if a payment is “regular”.
  • Defining what is and is not a discretionary payment.
  • Creating a payments matrix for configuration.
  • Understanding the rules for paid and unpaid leave types provided under the Act.
  • Assessing the impact on value of annual holidays when earned while on parental leave and after returning to work.
  • How to recalculate leave types provided under the Act so any under- or overpayments can be determined.
  • Identifying issues with recordkeeping and what you must be able to provide when requested.

Required preparatory component to workshop

To undertake some of the activities in this workshop, attendees will need to do some preparatory tasks. Participants will be provided with a range of templates to complete and a list of supporting documents to bring on the day. It is important that this is completed in advance of the workshop.

Course materials

Each participant will be provided wit the latest updated NZPPA Holiday Act documentation, reference, templates and can send through completed work for initial feedback after the course. All participants will receive a NZPPA course certificate and it can be counted as 6.5 CPD hours towards NZPPA recertification.

As this course will be run as a workshop the number of participants will be limited to 12 (bookings on a first come first serve basis).


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